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Did I see a ghost? Am I going mad?

Haunted Cambridge

This Halloween I did something that I realize was probably quite foolish. I had read about an urban legend that stated if an unmarried woman were to look in the mirror on Halloween at midnight she would either see her future husband or a skeleton indicating she would die before marriage.

After I read this my curiosity was aroused (I didn’t really believe it). It was one of those things that you know is stupid but can’t help but want to do yourself, like with the whole bloody Mary thing. Anyway at midnight (or around that time) I got home from my sisters place where we’d been watching scary movies.

When I realized what time it was I remembered what I had read and decided to try it out, to be honest I just wanted something interesting to tell my friends. I turned the light on in the living room and looked in the mirror – nothing, just me and the couch. I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. Then I lit two small candles, placed them on the mantle besides the mirror and turned the lights off.

In retrospect I wish I had never done that. I don’t know if turning the lights off caused what I saw but I really don’t understand why it would. What I saw in the mirror scared the life out of me! At first there was nothing unusual, just my shadow looming over me, but then the shadow grew larger and larger without me moving. When it stopped a face appeared on the shadow! I could have passed the growing shadow off as the flickering candle light causing my shadow to move – but the shadow suddenly having a face froze me to my core. It wasn’t just any face either. This face was bone white with flared nostrils and angry lips, if it had eyes I couldn’t see them but it didn’t matter because the worst part about this face was that it had a few ugly scars that resembled black lines.

It was only when I focused on the face did I notice that one of the scars began to bleed! Dark crimson red started seeping from the wound like slow snakes. At the sight of this I screamed like I’ve never screamed before (if my neighbors had actually been home they no doubt would have come over to see what the commotion was). The face disappeared then and I’m pretty sure the shadow shrunk back to my height but it was hard to be sure of anything at that point. I quickly turned towards the lights.

I was alone and the image had vanished. I felt ridiculous but still deathly afraid. I went to bed in tears last night. The thought of being alone was terrifying but I didn’t want people to think I was losing it because honestly I was beginning to wonder that myself however I almost phoned my parents begging them to come over but at the last second I decided not to.

I’ve seen (and felt) some strange things in my life, things that I’ve always attributed to my guardian angel but last night’s events I cannot explain. I don’t for one second believe it had anything to do with that stupid urban legend! For a while I sat on my bed with my back pressed against the headboard with the lights on. I don’t know how I eventually drifted off to sleep but I did.

Today when I woke up I saw I the most beautiful flower sitting in the tree that’s branches were near my window. It was hard to say exactly what type of flower it was. It looked like a mix between a poppy and a rose. It was certainly no flower I had ever seen before. The leaves around it were mostly dark green, some dying ones were orange and brown but this flower was brilliantly red, it glistened and glowed. I stared hard at it to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me but no, it was definitely there! I wasn’t sure what to make of it other than that I found it strangely comforting. I looked away only for a second to see it was gone when I looked back! I wondered if it had been a sign from my guardian angel telling me that he/she was protecting me.

I’m still too scared to tell anyone about what happened, partly because I’m not at all sure of what happened. Did I see a ghost? Am I going mad? – Sam form Cambridge

A Bump in the night, Cambridge

Ghostly Figure of the Raynham Hall Brown Lady

Baj from Cambridgeshire kindly submitted this personal account…

In late January of 2012, I woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the toilet. To get there, I had to go down a flight of stairs. As I reached the top of the stairs I looked down and saw two young girls in naval uniform playing with each other – they looked as if they were playing not inside a house, but in some recreational park or somewhere where there is plenty of space. They seemed oblivious to their domestic surroundings!

I couldn’t hear them but I could see their grey / silvery outlines clearly. The colour of their uniforms was almost completely bleached out until it was close to sepia, what little colour there was looked very faint to me, but I could distinguish the darker shades of navy blue and deep red stripes on their clothes.

Although their outlines were easy to define, I could see straight through them.

One of the girls glanced up and noticed me looking down at them from the top of the stairs – at that very moment she broke away from her friend and ran off – disappearing through a side door (into the living room) and vanishing. Her friend followed straight after.

I stood there at the top of the stairs wondering whether I should go down there to the toilet or else pee in my tracksuit pants. I decided that peeing in my pants wasn’t much of an option, so at the risk of confronting these two ghostly girls once more, I finally decided to take myself to the toilet downstairs.

I went down the stairs and turned on every light within reach as I walked through 2 more rooms before finally making it to the toilet. While I felt like I was taking the longest pee in my whole life, I continually looked over my shoulder and out of the corner of my eye for ghostly-looking girls playing about in the house.

There was no more sign of them…phew!

I finally went back up the stairs and got back into bed. My partner had woken up by now and before I could tell her about my experience, she told me that she’d just been dreaming about herself as a little girl, involved in some performance. She said she was dressed up in some national costume.

I asked her if it was a navy uniform and whether she had a friend in those days. She said no to both questions. I then told her, with as much detail as I could recall, what I’d just seen at the top of the stairs.

This was an experience that I’d never had before and I immediately began to wonder what it was that I’d experienced: had my partner shared her dream with me while we were asleep and that I was visualizing something residual at the top of the stairs after I woke up to go to the toilet? Or was the apparition of these girls something completely separate?

The description of the way the girls were dressed in the apparition seemed very similar to what my partner described herself as wearing in her dream.

The Old Ferryboat Inn. Cambridge

Built in 1050 the inn dates from the Anglo-Saxon age.

Built in 1050 the inn dates from the Anglo-Saxon age.

The Inn is reputed to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl (who is buried under the floor of the Inn). The Ghost of 17-year-old Juliet Tewsley is said to return to the Inn on the anniversary of her death to look for her lost love. Tewsley had hung herself from a tree outside of the Inn after being rejected by her lover.

Abbey House. Cambridge

Phenomena such as loud banging on bedroom doors, footsteps on the staircase and an apparition rattling chains around the room have been reported.

The ghost of a nun haunts this sixteenth century house in Cambridge. Abbey House was built on the site of Barnwell Priory, which was established in 1112.

Phenomena such as loud banging on bedroom doors, footsteps on the staircase and an apparition rattling chains around the room have been reported. Also seen in the house is a ghostly nun who appears 3 or 4 times a month in the spring. Walking into bedrooms and standing at the end of beds then disappearing into the curtains.