Ghost Hunting, Haunted Weekends & Ghost Tours

Regardless if your skeptical or a die hard believer! If your looking for the chance to go ghost hunting whilst enjoying a haunted weekend away at the same time then we have something special for you with our recommend ghost tour providers.

The following companies offer you, the chance to possibly experience something paranormal, from guided tours to over night stays and long weekend breaks away, in some of the most haunted buildings, haunted houses, haunted hotels and haunted locations in the UK.

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Haunted Rooms

Haunted Rooms is a hotel directory, with a difference! If your looking for a nice break away with luxuries of staying in a hotel and twist of the paranormal thrown in, all with many reports of ghostly activity and including with all the info you would normally see on a hotel listing site, then you couldn’t ask for a better start to plan your ghostly night away.

Haunted Rooms have listed on their website, haunted hotels, haunted inns, castles, and other haunted accommodation throughout the UK

Website: Haunted Rooms
Bookings: Online Only

Haunted Happenings

Haunted Happenings offer ghost hunts throughout the UK, each ghost hunt is accompanied by a  dedicated team of professionals ensuring that you get the maximum experience.Haunted Happenings make some bold claims, with over 90% of their guests returning for more ghostly events and paranormal activity.

What is also of interest is that Haunted Happenings have provided a paranormal experience for famous people in the world and to date have received bookings of over 30 thousand guests.

Website: Haunted Happenings
Bookings: 01527 451873 or 07837 845 912

Compass Paranormal

Being noted as one the UK’s fastest growing Paranormal investigative teams. Compass Paranormal lead the way in the public overnight ghost hunts and the organisation of paranormal investigations. What they have to offer is completely different to any other ghost hunt or paranormal event you might have been on before.

Compass Paranormal visit the most haunted locations in the UK. And are hand picked for their regularly reported haunted happenings, typical locations include haunted castles, haunted houses, haunted pubs & inns, haunted prisons and jails, haunted forts and many many more terrifying locations.

Website: Compass Paranormal
Bookings: 0115 829 2838 or 07785 952 324

Spooky Nights

Spooky Nights organise ghost hunts, ghost suppers, haunted nights, ghost tours and haunted weekends away in some of the most paranormally active and haunted locations in the UK.
Spooky Nights events are perfect for private parties, team building and small investigation groups, whilst also offering themed and tailored ghost hunting services.

Website: Spooky Nights
Bookings: 01527 451873 or 07837 845 912