The Queen Mary.

Luxury Travel, Dangerous Seas…

Luxury Travel, Dangerous Seas…

The Luxury Liner is now retired and permanently moored in Long Beach, California, USA. Door Number 13
A 17 year old boy was crushed to death while trying to escape a fire at Door 13, during a routine watertight door drill on July 10, 1966 (in the engine room). Strange knocking noises have been heard from the door and it has even felt hot for no plausible reason. Passengers and crew have reported seeing a young bearded man in blue overalls walking up to door 13 and promptly vanishing.

The Playroom
Paranormal manifestations have also occurred in the Third-Class children’s playroom. A baby Leigh Travers Smith died very soon after birth. Un-earthly cries of a baby have been heard coming from this playroom.

The First-Class Swimming Pool
Ghostly sounds of parties and people laughing and shouting have been heard in the ships pool when no one has been in the area. Wet footprints mysteriously appear from nowhere before peoples eyes, as if someone is walking from the pool. There have also been reported sightings of ghostly women dressed in old-fashioned bathing suits, wondering around the decks near the pool area.

Lady in White
The front of the ship is home to the manifestation of a ghostly woman in white who walks until blocked from view by a pillar. She is seen in The Queen’s Salon which used to be the First-Class passenger lounge. The ghostly woman is reported as being very beautiful and is dressed in a white evening gown.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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