Newbury bypass. Berkshire

Ghostly figures have been reported to have been seen floating along the motorway in the Rickety Bridge area, by at least 6 people.

Ghostly figures have been reported to have been seen floating along the motorway in the Rickety Bridge area, by at least 6 people.

The motorway was built over the burial grounds of Roundhead and Cavalier soldiers who had died fighting in the Battle of Newbury in 1644. “This is no laughing matter. The people who saw these things were terrified. We’re certain they are the ghosts of soldiers whose graves are now being disturbed.”

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Tanya Patrick says:

    Had to add this when reading Mikes story. My grandparents lived in Cromwell Road until recently when the house was sold due to my grandads death, and they had the house from brand new after the war. My mother and father where courting and sleeping in the back lounge when they both saw an old lady in old fashioned clothing walk through the wall. She had a mop cap on and feet were below floor level. The house had a lot of issues with ghostly goings on. Too many to mention here. On top of that when we tried to do the history on the area stretching as far as the maps we can get hold of there was never a building on the site only Shaw fields, and then an orchard. However in the back garden of the home is an old staircase that goes underground, which my Grandad had concreted over. It is still underneath! It could be an orchard store room, we don`t know. Or a fabled tunnel from Shaw house. The house is about five along from the cemetery alleyway. Not far from Kingsley close! My uncle who grew up in Cromwell road lives now in Kingsley close has done for a long time. I also am aware that people hear the old train on this estate that went to Didcot, even though it no longer runs, and some local families have reported “issues” of the none human kind in various houses. I have dug around in old newspapers and nothing can account for an old lady in written records. I also lived in Love land for a couple of years opposite the battle ground before Vodaphone announced itself and we did here noises and experience strange things there too. There should be a book written on Shaw and Donnington experiences because i really do think it would be full.

  2. Mike Carpenter says:

    About 36 years ago while I was staying with my future wife at her parents home on Kingsleys Close in Newbury, I awoke one night freezing cold, shivering….it was August at the time. I noticed across the Lounge, an elderly woman walking to the kitchen. I got up to help her because I thought it was my future wifes Grandmother. As I got close I could see she has on very old looking clothing. When I was about 8 feet away from her……she vanished! My inlaws home was built near old Roman Ruins…..we would find bits and bobs when the farmer would plow his fields behind the home. I still think about this to this day…….

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