Newhaven Fort. East Sussex

New Haven Fort Naval gun Firing

The year 1066 saw the last successful invasion of Britain, since then our coasts have been guarded by a succession of forts and castles strategically located all around the country.

Seaford Bay and the port of Newhaven in East Sussex have always been the most desired of landing zones for the enemies of the Britons. British history of the area dates back to the Bronze age when a large enclosed fort was built on the cliff top. It has remained an important strategic location and continues to be so even today.

The current Newhaven Fort structure was built around the 1860’s and is believed to be the largest work of defence ever constructed in Sussex. It was also considered a vital element in Britain’s coastal defence through both World War 1 and World War 2.  Following its abandonment as a military fortification, Newhaven Fort suffered years of neglect and dereliction; almost in ruins, it has now been restored to provide an award-winning visitor attraction to both the locals of Sussex but also to the many visitors to the area.

Ghostly Happenings

There are numerous reports from visitors to the Fort, when walking into the main tunnels, of being pushed, seeing dark figures slipping into the shadows and multiple orbs have been caught on the security cameras and monitoring systems, other reports include sounds and smells, people have reported the noises of chains clinking. Some believe it is the ghost of a woman called Martha who committed suicide at the fort. Other occurrences happen in the magazines and laboratory.

The forts numerous exhibitions are also a hot bed of activity. People have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps and shuffling, moans of suffering have also been heard and reported on numerous occasions. for more information on visiting newhaven fort can be found here

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I visited Nehavn Fort in 2015 with a friend of mine, we had a wonderful time, it was warm and sunny and all was well. He told me that he didnt believe in spiritual things but would have an open mind. We explored the tunnels and sevral times I felt someone ‘rush’ past me but we were alone in that space at the time. Back in the open air we decided to explore some of the exhibits especially the operations room. It was all behind glass so we didn’t get too close and there was no visible means of entry. The attention to detail was brilliant even to the two light fittings hanging over th main operations table, then … the right hand light started to swing in a circular motion. checking how it was wired it seemed impossible for just one to do it but, there it was swinging very widely. My friend was out of there like a shot!!! I wanted to stay a while but eventually felt I needed to find him to ‘calm him down’. what an experience, WOW! I wonder what message this tried to convey?

  2. James Hazelden says:

    l have visited the fort several times including this week & every time l have tried to photograph the Caponier neither my camera nor mobile would work. The same happened to me at Michelham Priory.
    Er, shouldn’t your report read Britain & not Briton? Sorry!

  3. richard says:

    we like to go do our own investigations on the Newhaven fort and put our findings on this page. So if you can send me any info? and would any of your team would join us. Thank you Richard

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