Nunney to Frome Road. Somerset

This stretch of road in Somerset was reputedly haunted in the 1970s by a man (approx 35) dressed in a check jacket and flannel trousers.

This stretch of road in Somerset was reputedly haunted in the 1970s by a man (approx 35) dressed in a check jacket and flannel trousers.

The apparition has been seen hitchhiking along the road and even suddenly making shock manifestations in the back of cars. One man (Mr Evans) driving along the road picked up a hitchhiker, the man climbed in and sat in the rear of the vehicle. He complained of the cold, and when the driver replied with a question, he received no answer. Mr Evans looked round to find his passenger had vanished. On another day Mr Evans was again driving down this road when he again saw the apparition. This time the ghostly hitchhiker appeared in the middle of the road, right in front of the on-coming vehicle. This obviously caused Mr Evens to swerve and consequently crash into a tree.

In 1977, a similar case arose involving an accident when a man appeared in the middle of the road and disappeared.

“On one occasion a distraught motorist came into the station and said that he had given a lift to a man who had disappeared. He was so worried that the man may have fallen out of the car that we sent a team of officers to search the hedges.” Police Superintendent John Lee.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. grant garrod says:

    i was based at rnyas yeovilton, and on two seperate occasions came across a person walking on the opposite side of the road to which i was travelling. this would be at about 0300-0400 in the morning with no buildings or dwellings for miles around. the second occasion i was giving a person a lift so he witnessed it aswell as me, i think i would have been around this area, dcoming from the M5 turn off heading to yeovil

    • Mandy says:

      I think you may be referring to the stretch of A303 between Ilminster roundabout and South Petherton (but near Ilminster end of that stretch). In the first 12 years or so of the 2000s, I often came across a man walking on the A-road’s southern side hard shoulder – walking against the traffic, carrying a large, old fashioned suitcase. I usually used to see him just before the bend that takes you towards the last straight leading in the direction of the Ilminster bypass roundabout. He looked like he did not belong in the 2000s and it was in the middle of nowhere, too! There may be a completely innocent explanation for his presence on A303, but I found it rather odd that I would see him there almost every time I went by, as I do not live nearby and only drive that way if I have to (which can be at different times, months, etc.) Sadly, I have not seen him now for a number of years, so maybe he has moved on…

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