Willand to Taunton Road. Somerset

The A38 Willand to Taunton Road is the haunt of a bedraggled figure, who wears a long grey overcoat.

The A38 Willand to Taunton Road is the haunt of a bedraggled figure, who wears a long grey overcoat. In 1970 Mrs Kathy Swithenbank swerved her car to avoid the hitchhiker.

Others have had similar experiences with the figure, these include a lorry driver who thought he had run a man down and a motorcyclist who broke his leg as a result of crashing to avoid the figure.

Harold Unsworth, a long distance lorry driver claimed to have a number of experiences of the figure in 1958. He said that on 3 separate occasions at about 3am on different mornings he had given a man a lift from the Blackbird Inn along the A38. Each time the hitchhiker had spoken to Unsworth and described the accidents which had taken place along the road in the past. On the third occasion of giving the man a lift, Unsworth said that the mysterious man asked him if he would wait while he collected some cases and then drop him off at another point further down the road. After waiting for 20 minutes Unswoth decided to continue on his journey alone.

Three miles down the road he saw a figure in his headlights waving a torch. He was then terrified to see that this figure was in fact the man in grey, who was shaking a fist at him. The figure leapt in front of his lorry, causing Unsworth to stop and get out expecting to find that the man had been struck. However he found the man standing in the road again, shaking his fist and cursing at having been left behind. To his shock the figure then turned his back on Harold and vanished instantly.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Julie says:

    Tonight I believe, firmly, that I saw this. I was driving along the A38 past the crown pub, Rumwell. out of no where a very tall thin figure in a long pale grey coat. With a hood. Fabric looked like felt. Was in the Road just adjacent it appeared, to the pavement.. I tried to speak to my passenger and too avarice action missing this person/ghost by a millimetre, it was so sudden!! My passenger and I were so stunned, passenger thinking I’d hit him, me not sure what to think, felt no impact, saw no face, this person had just appeared from no where.. Anyhow we continued on to the stone gallows pub now hungry horse. Turned around. Wiped the tears of shock from our eyes and drove back to check out what on earth we had just seen and to ensure the possible personal OK.

    There was no one there, no sign of an issue.. Still in shock we drove back up the road slowly.. We saw nothing ahead on the pavement or road. Just as I felt confident and as we began discussing what we thought we’d seen, bam, it was there again!!! We screamed, from the pit of our stomachs.. Terrified!! My passenger saw a face both times the second time said person/ghost was smiling at him. We were so close!!! The figure wasn’t there and yet all of a sudden it was!! This was around 11.10 January 19th on a very frosty clear night.


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