Donnington Castle. Berkshire

Built in 1386, Donnington has several ghosts.

Built in 1386, Donnington has several ghosts.

In 1990 a ghoulish white dog was seen running down the hill from the castle towards the woods where it vanishes into the air. The gatehouse is home to the ghostly figure of a guard who appears in solid form and suddenly vanishes. A ghostly re-enactment of a Civil War skirmish has also been witnessed in nearby Love Lane. The ghostly form of ‘the Green Lady’ (thought to be Lady Hoby) has also been seen by the castle gates. The ghost is said to ask visitors why the gates are closed, before suddenly disappearing. A group of young campers witnessed the horrifying sight of an apparition of an elderly Royalist soldier with a young woman in a headlock, pulling her hair. Alarmed by this vision before them one of the campers bravely shouted out at the Royalist cavalier to “leave her alone”; the phantom soldier then growled loudly and carried on pulling his victim’s hair. When the startled group approached the apparition, the soldier stood back, and let out another almighty growl and both figures completely vanished.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Wayne Ames says:

    I was one of the young campers. Just curious to how you came across the information?
    I believe there were 6 of us that evening. We got a shout from our friend ” lads, come here” which is when we all saw the apparition. There was no body to the head the man was pulling / hitting. A very scary evening Indeed.

  2. Gh0stHunt3rs99 says:

    One winters day, I was asked to work a night shift and only me and one other member of staff were present at the time. I was on my way to clock out walking through the cloak room in complete silence and darkness. When I arrived at the staff room I had to wedge my foot in the door to allow the smallest amount of light in, and all of a sudden I felt a cold gush of wind hit my face as a figures white hand flashed across my eyes. The windowless room was filled with an eerie silence but knew I wasn’t alone. I quickly ran out of the hotel in tears and vowed I would never work a night shift again…

  3. Chelsea says:

    I used to be a housekeeper/ nanny in house not far from the castle. One afternoon when the lady I worked for and I where in the kitchen a baby started to cry which wasn’t unusual as they a 3 month old baby . However when I ask my boss if she wanted me to see to him or her she replied by saying that the baby wasn’t at home but in fact out with his father. After that every time the baby wasn’t in the house I would here this baby crying but every time I would go into the nursery there would be nothing there but the crying would continue

    • Rum says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      Just read your comment .,… must be very spooky for you have worked there ? If I may ask how many years did you serve there ?


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