Beaulieu Abbey. Hampshire

Cistercian Monks arrived at Beaulieu Abbey from France in 1204.

Cistercian Monks arrived at Beaulieu Abbey from France in 1204. Quite a few different sightings in recent years of ghostly monks are evidence that many of monks have refused to leave Beaulieu even after death.

Lord Montagu inherited the Abbey in 1951 has said “There is nothing sinister about it, they are just here. Most people living in the area accept it without question and don’t appear to find it in the least bit unusual.’ Mrs Elizabeth Varley recalls hearing the monks back in her teenage years. “I was sitting by the window of my room quite late at night when I heard it. It was very clear and quite loud enough for me to pick up the notes of the chant. I thought perhaps it was the gipsies living in the forest, but when I sang the tune the next day to someone staying in the house the recognised it as a Gregorian chant.”

Ghostly Lay brothers have been sighted in their former dormitory (Dormas). People have reported seeing brown-clad figures that look completely real.

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  1. Marilyn Jones says:

    I’m reading a book of my father’s at the moment “In Search of England” by H.V. Morton publ. in 1927. In it a description of Beaulieu Abbey is given by the author & an account of meeting a young woman , Miss Aimee Cheshire who lived alone in the ruins! in a part of the old Dormitary. She recounts seeing/hearing ghosts.
    But here is a really strange thing – I decided to Google her name to see if there was anything online about her – I only searched with her name, not putting in Beaulieu or any other search term.
    What came up were unrelated “Aimee Cheshire” finds and then your own for Beaulieu, but no mention of Aimee Cheshire on your site?
    How can that happen?!

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