Blackfriars Priory. Gloucester

A massive Dominican priory complex built in 1239 with a church, and east and south cloister range and a study dormer

‘A massive Dominican priory complex built in 1239 with a church, and east and south cloister range and a study dormer’ (Department of the Environment description).

In the last ten years restoration work has been carried out, and a dungeon uncovered containing the remains of a young child. This discovery is often linked to sighting of a ghost monk. The monk is seen warring a black habit, and walking amongst the ruins. Staff members on the sight, have reported doors `mysteriously locking themselves`, and several have seen the ghostly monk near the site of the dungeon.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. sarah reevs says:

    Hi, Geoff

    Thanks for replying much appreciated.
    I will have a look into that sounds interesting,you mention about the hospital i would love to investigate that type of location as the ones we do are mostly mansions,castles and so forth.
    Last weekend we did Station Hotel Dudley wow !!! what can i say it was awesome.

    I will keep in touch with you on here if that’s okay with you, and i will let you know if i get any feed back from your recommends.
    Take care and thanks again.


    • Thanks Sarah,
      Your more than welcome, If you would like to contribute your findings from the Station Hotel, id be delighted to add it to the Haunted Hotels section of the website of course it goes without saying you will get full credit for the information.

      In addition you may also like to consider a listing on the following section of Ghost Tours & Haunted Weekends



  2. sarah reevs says:


    We are looking for new locations to conduct paranormal investigations and notice you had a few choices here on your site.
    Would it be possible to be able to hire any of these locations so we investigate its history thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest Regards Sarah.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Many thanks for taking the time to write in.
      Many of the locations listed on the site can be accessed, perhaps some of the easiest and perhaps most accommodating will be a number of the public houses listed. Perhaps one of the most commonly reported locations must be The Anglesey Arms. Caernarfon if your looking for something a little closer to home, I would recommend taking a look at Besford Court. Pershore although location is made up of private residences, the area in it self has very odd feeling.

      I’m currently researching and looking further in to the grounds of the Powick Hospital and Ronkswood Hospital, many people who now live on both locations have reported some very disturbing stuff.


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