St Bridget’s Church. Cumbria

Between Workington and Cockermouth lies the village of Brigham.

Between Workington and Cockermouth lies the village of Brigham.

Joseph Wilson, who depressed by his job of Hangman, killed himself in 1757. It is said that his ghost haunts the church.

Wilson jumped to his death from Cocker Bridge, and is buried in the church yard. A local stonemason carved a hangman’s noose on his gravestone, which has since vanished.
One evening a farmer was riding on his pony and trap when next to him appeared the terrifying sight of a phantom with a rope round its neck, head lolling and tongue protruding.

In 1860, the local sexton took a spade and dug up the hangman’s skull, and took it to Wilson’s former House (a nearby cottage) and after this and the hangman’s ghost was never seen again.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Carl Jackson says:

    A few years ago, me and 3 other friends were walking around this graveyard late at night. We didnt see anything or hear anything, however while I was recording at one point, we asked if anyways there. You can clearly hear us all talking on the recording but If you play it back and turn the volume to max theres a male voice saying “Hello”. I believe I still have this clip somewhere.

  2. Scott Murray says:

    Nice little story, I lived in Brigham and visited the church many times yet never heard this story before, truly fascinating, although I should mention that the church is called ‘St Bridget’s’ not Brigham Church just for future reference.

    • Hello Scott,
      Many thanks for taking the time to write in. I have updated the name of the Church thanks for you clarification.
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