Canewden Church. Essex

Canewden village has long been associated with witchcraft.

Canewden village has long been associated with witchcraft.

According to a prophecy by the famous 19th century James Murell, the Essex village of Canewdon would be populated with Witches “forever”. The spirit of a faceless witch (who was executed 300 years ago), is said to rise from her grave and float among the headstones. The ghost then floats through the west gate and disappears at the river.

Local myths and legends, surrounding the church these are:

“Anyone who walks round the tower will be forced to dance with the witches. If you run around the tower backwards 3 times you’ll see a ghost at the top of the tower. That if you run three times anti clockwise round the church it is possible to go back in time.”

“When the last witch dies the the tower will fall. That the last witch in England was executed there.”

“As long as the church tower stands there will be six witches in Canewdon. Every time a stone falls from the tower, one witch will die, & another will take her place”

A headless female figure has been seen in the church, Anyone who encounters her is lifted into the air and let down in the nearest ditch.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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