Dudley Castle. Dudley

Dudley castle was founded in 1071, and has a reputation as one of the regions most haunted spots.

Dudley castle was founded in 1071, and has a reputation as one of the regions most haunted spots.

Footsteps have been heard in the offices when the castle is empty. Recent investigations into paranormal events at the castle produced some interesting findings.   A group of ghost hunters witnessed a figure pacing across the parapets. The ghost of an old woman has also been known to frequent the castle. As is the spirit of a civil war drummer who was shot from the battlements. The most terrifying of ghosts is the ‘Grey Lady’ who is seen drifting across the parapets of the old keep. Thought to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, she died at the castle during the siege of 1646. She has appeared to both staff and visitors to the castle, and she has been seen in the window of the Chapel in the 1970’s, and during the 1960’s she also visited the old aquarium. The spectre of a elderly Medieval lady was also witnessed in 1983.

The Black Monk of Dudley Castle
A ghostly Monk in a black habbit also appears to staff at Dudley Castle. He has been seen at the entrance to the keep and in the window of the Castles Chapel. Dudley castle is situated near the ruins of St James Priory, which dates back to the 1100’s. The Priory was given to Benedictine Monks from Much Wenlock Priory (Shropshire) who wore black habbit’s.

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  1. Quinton says:

    I saw the grey lady Dorothy Beaumont ghost I was on a drawing resources trip via university and was drawing and making observations I made my way up to the castle grounds I was alone it’s was very cold I felt something stare at me within the grounds and turned around I saw a grey figure of a woman with black hair she smiled at me and walked into the wall of the castle itself I was amazed so I made my way back down to where the staff of the castle are and spoke to them about what just happened they said I saw the famous grey lady old the castle and my description was spot on as also some staff has seen her …… quinn x

  2. Paula says:

    Some years ago in the film room where they give you a brief history on Dudley Castle, for a moment through the movie i looked behind me and i seen a hooded figure, it shook me then i decided to have a quick look again and it was gone. But pleased i seen it

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