Highgate Cemetery. London

By the start of the 20th century Highgate marked the spot that tens of thousands of people had been laid to rest in its hallowed grounds.

Dating from 1839 and a very fashionable burial place for Victorians.

By the start of the 20th century Highgate marked the spot that tens of thousands of people had been laid to rest in its hallowed grounds. Around the 1960’s Highgate Cemetery had fallen into neglect and decay. It became a dark and eerie spectacle with tree roots sprouting up and cracking elaborate graves and monuments and grim mausoleums.Stories started circulating of ghostly happenings around the cemetery. One man reported that he saw a hideous and frightening apparition with glowing red eyes, staring at him though the rusty iron gates.

Another rumour was that a vampire was frequenting the graveyard. A ghostly cyclist was seen making his way up the hill near the cemetery by a young woman, and a tall man wearing a top hat has also been witnessed walking across the road and promptly disappearing into the cemetery wall. In recent years a ghost of a mad old woman with long hair has been seen among the grave stones.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. frank says:

    Hi guys iam a 32 year old man who loved the thought of going to these scary places, One night with my brother and a friend I did just that. What we found out was that this stuff is very real and can be dangerous, not only have I never gone anywhere like that again I now advise people to leave it to the professionals, it was a secret location near south London if you like I can point you in the right direction, and I promise you this, you’ll leave their a wreck! I do this in hope you’ll see the light and leave it alone.

  2. Darren Ammon says:

    Would like to voltieer and join a team of paranormal investigators if a member is needed. Have been interested in this subject since a child haveing lived in my family home and have seen spirts and heard voices and movement for a number of years growing up . One is of a young girl around 5 to 6 yrs old long curled brown hair Victorian nightdress on. I’ve heard giggles whenever myself and my sisters played together in the house. Was first seen when playing hide n seek and was seen in the wardrobe . Also crying and footsteps on carpet coming up the stairs. Shadows moving quick as running. Also temp drops in bathroom. Have been told the little girl was unwell with a sickness and her fathers wife had died and because the father could no longer look rafter the child with illness also being very poor drowned his daughter thought guilt later took his own life . So you see I would like to get involved with a team who are doing investigations in ghost and spirts hope to hear from someone. Also have some excellent properties and locations that would interest you that are derelict one being a mental hospital . Also the old royal london would love to go to these locations with a team and work to get access plz get in touch Darren ammon

  3. dudes we really want a third person to be apart of a team me and Helen want to go ghost hunting real bad we will save for our own equipment and soon would love to go ghost hunting very much we would like a bloke and more around our age 15 or 16 and someone who dedicated and we are based in central London and disparately want and are interested in ghost hunting and would love to visit these haunted places.

    • Darren Ammon says:

      Hi spammy and Helen. Just can across this site and saw your message. That your looking for a third person to start a paranormal investigation team. I would love to get in old I’m at the same stage as yourself. Trying to get equipment that’s needed together . In the mean time I’m researching locations and properties also history and events that may have taken place. I have some cool locations to investigate at the moment looking to be ready to start in the new year . Want to do something along the lines of ghost adventures but with my own concept to make it different to anything out their . Wondering if should get a team together myself ? How into this are you both. I see your at college or uni is this part of something your studying

  4. krystle says:

    hello i am part of a ghost hunting team and we would like to investigate this grave yard we hare a seriouse team and we have our own mediums we just like to know if the grave yard gets looked at night so we could visit it with your permission many thanks krystle

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