Usk Priory. Monmouthshire

The original convent at Usk was for five nuns of the Benedictine order.

In 1970 a woman visiting Monmouthshire’s Usk Priory, one winter saw five ghostly nuns walking from the far end of the house, by the library, towards the church.

The original convent at Usk was for five nuns of the Benedictine order. At the suppression of the monasteries the five nuns were pensioned off, having given their allegiance to the king, thereby saving their lives and the probable destruction of the priory.

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6 Comments on "Usk Priory. Monmouthshire"

  1. Alun Wakefield says:

    I lived in the square in usk in 1972-1974. I used to play with a lad called Toby who lived in the Priory but having been back there several times i have since been informed that there was no-one living there at this time. Can anyone please give me more information.

    • Trudi Petersen says:

      Hello , found this page looking for some info onthe priory, it was owned by my parent’s in always in the 1970s. Alun you didn’t imagine it, Toby is my brother in law, Aaron my husband said it was a very creepy place to live but they never saw anything strange there, though my father in law did once genuinely come across 5 real life nuns who turned up to see the priory.

  2. Rhys (from the kings head) says:

    Craig! Are you the same Craig that orders the very well done sirloin? If so get back to me, I plan on doing some research at the priory (if I obtain the owners consent) after I had a conversation with my father about this place, he went to school with two lads that lived here. Apparently they kept on seeing a grey lady around the house and its grounds. Although ive heard from the locals that the fella that still owns this place aggressively rejects people who show an interest in this building, so I’m not gonna hold my breath :/

  3. Craig says:

    Hi, I’ve recently moved to Usk in the last three years, do you know if there have been any further sightings or even investigations. Priory Church is only 5mins walk away from me

    • Hello Craig,
      Like most hauntings, these sighting seem to come in waves, and don’t appear to have any recognisable pattern to them, well at least in my experience, should you be interested in finding out more, I would suggest that Forest Paranormal who operate in Gloucestershire maybe able to provide you more detailed information. I hope this information is of use.


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