Kirkstone Pass Inn, Ambleside

At 1500ft The Inn is one of the highest Haunted Inns in England

The Kirkstone Pass Inn  is believed to be linked to an ancient 15th Century monastery

Records for the Kirkstone Pass Inn date back to 1496AD. In the early 1800’s the tall stone building at the North end was built as a coach house, the extra height was needed to take the coaches of the day.

At almost 1,500 ft, the Kirkstone Inn is the third highest pub in England. It offers wonderful views over some of the Lake District. The area is of such natural beauty that was immortalised by the poetry of William Wordsworth.

During its years the inn has had plenty of time to pick up stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Quite a few ghosts and phantoms have been spotted in and around the inn. Some are believed to be the spirits of unlucky travellers who died while making a perilous journey through the difficult mountain terrain during a heavy snowstorm.

Several other ghosts include one ghost is believed to be that of a woman who murdered her own child, a young boy that was killed by a coach outside of the building. And another, that of a 17th century coachman who once lurked around the bar, was even captured in a photograph taken by a visiting family staying at the inn in 1993. It is reported that this particular ghost followed the tourists home and now lives with them as a member of the family!

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Robert Bewley says:

    The Inn is a amazing place to visit in every way we stopped off there on the 25th July 2015 on the way back our hotel in St Bee’s after visiting Lake Windermere the stop off was planned as I had wanted to see the place I would have tried to book a room but my partner would not stay there, although we never saw anything or felt anything whilst there one strange thing did happen later on when we finally got back to our hotel and tried to review the day’s photo’s they all showed up as being corrupted and I lost every picture taken My phone which I used is fairly new and I have never had this issue before and have been to Turkey since and all pic’s where fine.. maybe a coincidence but it does make you wonder ?

  2. fi fi says:

    I stayed monday and tuesday this week. Loved it. Got a fab photo at 5.30 am with orbs all over it. The sheep are amusing as show up around 6am rubbing up against the beer garden tables. By 7 am they have gone. The first night no particular issues. Bit eery but fine. Night two. Dont know why but i work up bang on 3.30 am. As a smoker i went for a smoke out the fire exit door. Which was located feet from my room. Landlord even gave you a key so you could open it. Went back to bed but unfortunately was wide awake so couldnt really sleep. 4am there was a big bang like a door slamming right outisde the room and then really heavy footsteps which just faded off. Like into the wall. As mine was an end room. Room 2 it was just a dead end. God knows what it was but ill admit i was shaken. Also my room door handle kept going. It was odd. Never said anything the landlord at breakfast

  3. D says:

    I stayed overnight here in 2010 with my then partner. I’d say we were open but definitely sceptical of reported hauntings. I’d asked for the ‘haunted’ room for a laugh as I knew my ex would be nervous about that, I can’t recall the room number but it was the last room on the left, round the corner at the end of the passageway. The window is on the right as you enter and faces the pass road, with the ensuite on the left.

    We watched the DVD about the ‘ghost’ but my ex made me switch it off 🙂 we read until falling asleep about midnight. I was perfectly comfortable and didn’t feel there was anything weird going on there. We were woken suddenly at about 230/3am by a loud smash, it was so sudden I was halfway out of the bed thinking a car had crashed outside. My ex was freaking a bit so I got up and looked outside expecting to see an accident but nothing doing.

    The room felt different and I was a bit apprehensive about checking the bathroom to be honest. But my ex was afraid so I went to look, put the light on and at first didn’t notice anything out of place visually but had a strange heavy feeling (I was tired though) I looked around and realised one of the 2 drinking glasses left on the shelf to the right of the sink was gone. My first worry was there was broken glass somewhere and I had bare feet! Found the glass broken in the sink. I said ‘look’ and my ex came to see. I was trying to work out if it could have fallen or slipped somehow but the shelf is about a foot away from the sink and the glasses were on those paper circle things. My ex was working all this out too and realised something had happened. I made light of it but the room felt very odd, can’t explain it.

    I went back to bed and spent ten minutes convincing my ex not to go out and sleep in the car, She wanted to but it was September and a cold night. The odd atmosphere co continued till I fell asleep but we weren’t disturbed again. In the morning all felt back to normal and I took the broken glass down to breakfast and explained it wasn’t us that broke it. Girl didn’t seem surprised when I said what had happened. I’d say if anyone is interested in the haunted thing you really need to stay a night or two in the same room I did. If you are easily scared like my ex, go with blankets prepared to sleep in the car just in case!

  4. maureen says:

    We called into the Kirkstone pass on thursday 2nd May 2013, and took some photos, and you can see a ghostly figure sitting next to me, i thought it as a man, but since found it to be a woman.
    It’s a lovely little bar, we sat to the left of the fire.
    What history, great.

  5. stee says:

    i am lucky enough to be getting a chance to invesgiate this histroc building in a few weeks time. i simply cannot wait 🙂

  6. shirley johnston says:

    my sister ran the inn for a while and i slept with her one almost exactly the same time ,we said to each other “can you see all the orbs up on the ceiling?” there were literally dozens.but neither of us felt scared,in fact we both went to sleep more or less right away. there is a guest book with several stories about people’s experiences

  7. Jen says:

    I love the Kirkstone Pass Inn – i’m so glad to hear its haunted. I have stopped there many times. Also the Brothers Water Inn just down the road towards Ullswater. I love the Lakes and stories of ghosts and phantoms just adds to the greatness of it. Next time i’m up there i cant wait to call in for a refreshing drink, with the hope that someone or something makes itself known. I would love to stop there in winter – especially during an evil snow storm – spooky! Love it!

    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks for commenting, lets hope you do get chance to visit Kirkstone Pass Inn and experience something ‘spooky’ if you do! we would be delighted to read all about it.

  8. Kevin Johnson says:

    I worked at the inn in the early 1980s it is haunted.i lived there for two then father in law partly owned it with his brother in law.

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