The Anglesey Arms. Caernarfon

The inn was originally a customs house, and next to the pub is the original hanging tower, which served as a place of execution.

The inn was originally a customs house, and next to the pub is the original hanging tower, which served as a place of execution.

The glasses on the bar sometimes move of their own accord or even hang in mid air. The pubs Darts sometimes jump out of the dart board, during matches alarming the competitors. Room 3 is the most haunted room in the pub. One guest even reported feeling someone sitting on the end of her bed one night.

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Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Samantha jones says:

    I currently work at the Anglesey arms and I can conferm that it is haunted !!! I have had many expirience’s there glasses flying off the shelf’s banging and even shadows going for the basement things being moved , it doesn’t scare you and it is amazing thing to see with your own eyes

  2. Lyndon says:

    I have lived as well worked in the Anglesey Arms for many of years and I can tell you this now this public house does not have any ghost at all what a load of Crap ,… well too if the person Miss Olwen Jones was alive to this day who was born in the public house as well runned it to her retirement days she would tell you the same ,……..what a load of lies only to get people to spend their money and give them ideas saying that their are ghosts at this establishment ,………

    • Hello Lyndon,
      Many thanks for taking the time to write, and although I appreciate your comment I have over 100 reports relating to the Anglesey Arms with things going bump in the night. But do Feel free to prove those 100+ reports wrong.


  3. Chrissie says:

    I’m off to the Anglesey Arms on Saturday for a Paranormal Investigation. I’ll certainly report back anything that happens!

  4. Jim says:

    I live in the North East and came down to spend a short weekend with my partner staying overnight on the 6th August 11 at the Anglesey Arms in Caernarfon. We both retired to our twin bed room on the second floor. That was room 3.

    At just after 4am on the Sunday morning I awoke with what felt like my head being pressed into the pillow. This lasted a split second which obviously awoke me, the next thing was this noise of someone running to the door to the right of my bed. The only thing is…the bed is pressed right up against a radiator on the wall. Well I thought it was a cat or something but what came next was unbelievable!

    The keys on the inside of the bedroom door began to make a noise and the door handle was turning as if it was attempting to be opened. My partner woke when I blasted out do you see that. She couldn’t say a word, she was terrified with fear. Now what happened next was the activity stopped and next thing I heard was the same noises fro across the hall in what could only be room 1.

    A couple from Europe were staying in there and they were obviously having the same experiences as I was. I thought it was over and done with and then Bang! The door handle started moving up and down frantically. Both my Wife and I, and the the couple from across the hall came out moments later and nothing! whatever was creating this experience was gone.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to write up your account Jim, It must have been very disconcerting, especially being woken up and caught total by surprise.

      Ghostly Admin

  5. Jim says:

    I’ve just spent a night in room 3 at the Anglesay Arms and just after 4am the room came alive…I absolutely crapped myself! There was a couple across in room 1 and they were disturbed at the same time …won’t be going back there thats for sure.

    • Hello Jim,
      Many thanks for taking the time to leave your comment on the blog, we have heard several reports of very strange happenings at the Anglesey Arms,


      Ghostly Admin

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