The Bear Inn. Chelmsford

Is haunted by the ghost of Charlie ‘Spider’ Marshall who was ostler there in the last century.

Charlie used to shin up the chimney in the bar, pass through the recess between the chimneys where the bacon would be placed for smoking, then emerge down the chimney in the other bar. One evening Charlie performed this trick for the last time, climbing the chimney but never emerging on the other side. His ghost has been seen , by various landlords and poltergeist behaviour has also been experienced at the pub.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Bill says:

    I read a ghost book in the 1970s which gave a very good account of this haunting and others that were also attributed to the Bear Inn. There was one notable one which described a room there i which the occupant was frightned by the apparition of a large cat like animal which sprnag onto their bed. Spider, it said, used t perfrom this feat for money given to him by the rich young bucks who frequents the inn. For some reason on the last occasion he refused to come down so the young bucks lit a blazing fire in one fireplace. They waited expecting him to emrge quickly into the other empty fireplace but he failed to do so. The fire was extinguished and one young buck climbed up and was horrified to find Spider smoked like a joint of bacon and quite dead. The decision was made to brick up both fireplaces. Apparently the 1900s the then landlord attempted to break open the fireplace to see if Spider was still there but stopped work when a dangerous crack appeared in the structure. I believe the death of Spider took place in the 19th not 20th century.

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