The Hobgoblin Public House. Berkshire

Strange Happenings, things moving of their own accord.

Strange Happenings, things moving of their own accord.

This pub has a resident poltergeist called Bob, who mischievously moves coats, makes money disappear and reappear, and turns beer taps on and off.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. gerald ivey says:

    a very strange thing happened in whitley wood reading …,a friend of mine lived in a new house there …it was in arow of 4 linked terraces …what happened was ,we were sat listening to music ,when the noise in the bedroom got louder and louder ,i looked at him and his wife and said ,what is it .they said they had heard this before but never as was furniture which was being moved about ,,very heavy items .. i went into the hallway downstairs and immediatly the noise stoped ,it was in a way strange but amusing ..i went back into the lounge and we sat 4 of us and talked about what it could be …we went next door and asked the people ,,did they hear anything …the answer was no …and same with the other neighbour …which to be honest should have done …so something was causing the noise c.incidently this couple had a two year old boy in the room next to this bedroom who was undisturbed…the whole time …this was an incredibly loud noise …??the grounds are or where next to the m4junction near the courage brewery …i remember it like yesterday and know it was ghosts but why there ???ive always wondered 30 years later im still wondering

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