Ghosts of Ettington Park Hotel.

Ettington Park Hotal - UK's Most Haunted Hotel

Ettington Park Hotel is steeped in a rich and varied history and has over the years and has gain the prestigious accolade of the Most Haunted Hotel in Britain, with its many ghosts and tales of tragedy.

Archaeological evidence shows the grounds and the buildings have been a centre of human habitation for at least 2,000 years. Several archaeological digs have unearthed long lost Roman coins, brass ornaments and large quantities of pottery.

There is strong evidence that a Roman villa existed on the site. In recent times the Hotel and grounds at Ettington have had a leading role in the motion movie ‘The Haunting‘ directed by Robert Wise 1963.

The Many Ghosts at Ettington Park

The ghost stories surrounding the Ettington Park Hotel are as varied as its history, and not surprisingly most encounters are recorded by the staff  and guests. Over the years many members of staff and guests alike have reported strange sounds and noises bumps in the night if you will, others have reported seeing apparitions, ghosts and poltergeist activity with objects moving unaided in the many rooms that make up the Historic building.

More disturbingly are the reports of  voices emanating from the air and the overwhelming feeling of an unseen presence in the bedrooms and an accompanied chilling sensation of being watched from the shadows by unseen ghosts during the small hours.

Most Haunted & Active Ghost Areas of the Hotel

Reception Area: On the of eve of several Christmases Hotel staff have reported an occurring phenomenon of a floating candle hovering just above the Elizabethan oak mantle piece. Comments from other guests have reported a shadowy ghost like presence by the entrance door and reception desk, and a ghostly outline of a man and his dog crossing the reception area and quickly disappearing into the hotels extensive Library.

The Hotel Library:  Books and paper work mysteriously being pulled from the library shelves, poltergeist activity and related phenomenon and voices of gentlemen chatting have been heard along with the sound of billiard balls knocking together and being potted. The Library also experiences dramatic changes in temperature, often accompanied by the  ghostly presence of a female figure. One member of staff has even reported seeing a Ghost of a man dressed like a priest.

Great Drawing Room: Many female voices are heard  in what can only be described as singing, whilst,  a bare footed Edwardian lady has been seen several times stood in the bay window on the right hand side of the room. Other strange occurrences include poltergeist activity, the doors and curtains opening and closing without course and an apparition of ghostly  young boy.

The Long Gallery: Both staff and guests have reported a strong feelings of being watched, along with an oppressive atmosphere,  individuals have stated that the entire length of the gallery can suddenly drop in temperature. It has also been noted that a ghost of an army officer and an elderly lady can usually seen in the last bay window next to the fireplace.

Main Staircase: Is haunted by the ghost of a young servant girl by the name of Mary, who died after falling down the staircase following an argument with the Squire. It is  believed that the ghost of Mary can also been seen in the Oak Room Restaurant.

Corridor Outside the Long Gallery: The ghost of John Prichard, the architect who designed Ettington Park has been seen strolling the length of the corridor just out side the great gallery. In the Courtyard Suites Corridor a ghost of a previous groundsman of the estate has been whiteness by several member’s of staff and guests.

The Stour Corridor: Is haunted by the ghosts of two young children who lost their lives to drowning in the Stour River around 1800. Its believed the same children have also been seen and heard in other areas of the hotel.

The Stour Corridor is also the regular haunting grounds by the ghosts of the Grey Lady and the ghost of a monk who may well be the priest associated with the Great Library. The ghost of the Grey lady has also been seen in the Tower Suite Corridor.

Conservatory: A ghost of an elderly  lady dressed in Victorian clothes haunts the conservatory, with her comes a very strong presence,  Footsteps can be clearly heard walking back and forth.

The Shirley Chapel: A priest hiding hole was discovered in the south transept chapel, it is assumed that the ghost of a monk who has been frequently reported in the other areas of the hotel is directly related to the ghost reported being seen in the tower and grounds. Further to this, The village of Lower Ettington used to exist adjacent to the house and chapel until around 1798 and where it was demolished and the monks relocated two miles away at Upper Ettington.

There have been many ghostly sightings reported from the site of the former village, including phantoms, spirits and dark shadows. Additional sightings in and around the estate include the ghostly forms of two female figures which haunt the grounds.

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Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

6 Comments on "Ghosts of Ettington Park Hotel."

  1. Pat Taylor says:

    I honeymooned at Ettington Park in March 1961. Had no idea of the ghost stories. Our bedroom was huge and overlooked the chapel. However, my husband heard about the ‘Grey Lady” and one night our bedhead shook and rattled. I was terrified by then but finally he confessed that the bedhead had a curtain on an expanding wire and he just kept pinging it. Fortunately, there were no other incidents but it was wonderful place to stay. I am currently writing my memoirs( having been in Australia for more than 50 years) and through the internet I am able to include so many pictures and information about Ettington Park and its history.

  2. isabelle says:

    Ettington park, this hotel is buried in curious depths of history. a young servant girl named Mary can be seen travelling the stairs after her sudden fall. You can also see a priest and his precious dog, woman in grey, a misty white dressed lady and many more. but don’t be scared go ahead and book an adventurous night out!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paul says:

    Just spent an evening here in room 20.. and what an experience! 😮
    Hotel is stunning… breathtaking views… vast array of wildlife…friendly staff… excellent facilities… but probably the scariest night of my life (I’m 44!)
    Went to bed at around midnight as thought there was a problem with the electrics.. as we moved from the bedroom to the bathroom, the lights dim and flare up for no reason at all and even when standing in one spot in the room – the lights seem to have a mind of their own… then the noises started!! I can best describe what I heard for almost 5 hours non stop as the sounds you get when tuning a radio… nothing distinguishable as such.. just voices and noises… unsettling initially but you get used to it! My partner (despite repeated attempts to wake her up!) slept soundly so it’s not particularly uncomfortable… just a bit eerie.. and then I guess the icing on the cake occurred at 7.15am – walking from the main building to the rear of the hotel to get to breakfast… we watched a deer grazing.. and then watched what looked like a guy in grey shroud walk across the grass to the church building … or so we thought… something didn’t quite “fit” with how he walked and why he would be there, so I went across to follow him to where he had gone… only to find that the church is actually a ruin and there was nowhere for him to have gone and no footprints in the dewy grass (although I left plenty… ). Bizarre experience to say the least – but such a beautiful place to stay and with such history that this kind of thing is maybe to be expected?!?! Never seen or experienced anything like this before… quite exciting really!

  4. Phil Chambers says:

    i have just stayed at ettington park hotel, we stayed in room number 7 and i was rudely awakened by what looked like a tall dark figure standing by the door in my room! to say i was startled was an understatement! i also heard mumblings and groans throughout the night!

  5. Susan says:

    Hi just wanted to say that I love your site and will be in the UK soon so will have to go visit some of your recommendations Thanks Susan

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