Norwood Hall Hotel. Aberdeen Scotland

Norwood Hall hotel is haunted by thee ghosts whose apparitions have been seen on several occasions.

Norwood Hall hotel is haunted by thee ghostly apparitions who have been witnessed on several occasions.

Norwood Hall Hotel is a beautiful mansion dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. In 1872, the owner of the property, Colonel James (Soapy) Ogston, began rebuilding the house, its during this period of time the Colonel moved his wife and family to Ardoe House over the river from Norward Hall, once done, the Colonel then offered Norwood Hall his mistress.

Over the years the relationship between the Colonel and his mistress strengthened, yet the Colonel still loved equally his long standing wife. The Colonels mistress and wife were well known to each other and both aware of the Colonels infidelity to the other, its thought that the Colonel wife and mistress wanted James to leave the other but James refused causing both women to be heartbroken.

It is said that Norwood is haunted by the Colonels two lovers and the apparition of James Ogston has been seen standing in front of the fireplace in the dining room. The ghostly figure of his mistress has been reported to haunt the stairs, and there have been several reports that his wife haunts the hall, kitchen, and dining room.

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Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Christopher says:

    I worked here in 2009 as Bar Manager. I never saw any figures, but i would like to tell you after spending a night-shift waiting for a guest to arrive the next day, i quit my job! The place is definitely haunted, and i experienced it. No one wanted to do Night Shift, and because i was on holidays due back, they gave me no choice. I was preparing glasses for the next days wedding, the ballroom was off to the right of reception, prior to renovation. I was playing trance music as to relax into my shift. My staff never polished te wine glasses to a high standard so i started cleaning all 340 of them… Because i was security also, id needed to keep an eye on the reception. At around 12.30 nighttime, that’s where it all started happening. I heard a glass being tinged, around three times. As if someone was going to deliver a toast or speech. The room was behind Reception. And was where people ate. There was no one there. Just to the centre further away from the fireplace, the table cloth on one table-Corner of it started moving weirdly. There was no drafts, i checked! I returned to reception and heard a loud bang in the Kitchen, the chafing dish that i made sure was tightly up against the Kp section was across the floor. No way it can just fly…By this point i was getting quite scared, however i know we have energy that protects us from dark spirits. I went into the Georgian Bar where those girls on the pictures seemed to follow me with their eyes. I then heard an Lp scratch, clear as day as i know because my father is into Turntables. Just out the door was an old Gramophone player, there was no way it could scratch as no needle neither record was there! By this point im shitting myself, i felt a presence on the stairwell but did not dare look, as something told me not to… Then i heard someone walking on the stairwell just off the ballroom. I had to check as i was security also, the lights popped on, no one present! I wanted to go home, but the grounds are even scarier, and i felt ok as such, as no harm was on me… Then i heard laughing, jeering and music. It was coming from the ballroom where id prior been listening to that trance. Obviously i went to check as i could not believe, opened the door, all the lights popped on with the sensors, nothing there. The next day, at 7 am when the two managers came on, i quit my job. This is gods truth.

    • Tahira says:

      Secret Escapes was offering time at that hotel because of your review I will be going elsewhere lol what was the music that they were playing your trance or some old music?

  2. Josh says:

    Major thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Cool.

  3. Frances Gasparotto says:

    If my husband treated me like that – I would chop his balls off and wear them as earrings!

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