Drury Lane Theatre. London

Possibly the most haunted theatre in England, Drury Lane is host to numerous Thespian ghosts.

Possibly the most haunted theatre in London England, Drury Lane is host to numerous Thespian ghosts.

Drury Lane has been called one of the world’s most haunted theatres in London. The appearance of almost any one of the handful of ghosts that are said to frequent the theatre signals good luck for an actor or production. The most famous ghost is the “Man in Grey”, who appears dressed in elaborate costume with a tri-cornered hat, a powdered wig and a cloak, whilst carrying a sword, Legend says that the Man in Grey is the ghost of a knife-stabbed man whose skeletal remains were found within a walled-up side passage in 1848.

The ‘Man in Grey’ He appears to be a recordings ghost, making no sound and always walking in the same direction and through a wall. He has a habit of appearing to actors who are rehearsing their lines on the stage. Those who see the ghost believe his visitations are a good omen that a play will do well at the box office.

The ghosts of actor Charles Macklin and clown Joseph Grimaldi are supposed to haunt the theatre. Macklin appears backstage, wandering the corridor which now stands in the spot where, in 1735, he killed fellow actor Thomas Hallam in an argument over a wig (“Goddamn you for a blackguard, scrub, rascal!” he shouted, thrusting a cane into Hallam’s face and piercing his left eye). Grimaldi is reported to be a helpful apparition, purportedly guiding nervous actors skilfully about the stage on more than one occasion. The comedian Stanley Lupino claimed to have seen the ghost of Dan Leno in a dressing room.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. dan says:

    i used to work at the theatre royal drury lane as the fireman. my job included chaining up all the fire exits at the end of the evening performance. 14 in all, each one at the end of long curving corridors. there was plenty in that theatre to put you on edge like mirrored walls behind curtains and secret doors. i was given the firemens room to rest in. and its documented that a fireman hung himself in there. on one occasion i heard footsteps outside my room. and on another someone coughing outside. and the odd door closing in the night. but i survived, however after 3months i’d had more than enough of locking myself inside alone all night. the worst part was switching all the lights off and walking back scross the stage in the pitch black.

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