The Liverpool Empire. Liverpool

The Theatre is haunted by the ghost of a 10 year old Victorian girl.

The Theatre is haunted by the ghost of a 10 year old Victorian girl.

She walks the Stalls bar area, crying late at night, and have also been seen being dragged away by a man with dark eyes. It is thought that the girl fell to her death from the circle into the stalls. The building is also haunted by the Black Phantom, who haunts the dressing rooms. This apparition was in the form of a black shape reflected in the mirror of the room. Les the Painter is another of the Theatres many ghosts.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Ollie says:

    I once performed at the theatre and took a picture of the stunning auditorium whilst empty, and in the shot sat in one of the chairs is an outline of a figure.! Didn’t see this until about a year later after watching most haunted. I thought I would have a look at my pictures and wow I was amazed.! Happy to send the picture and see what you think

  2. dan says:

    I recently performed there and nearly fell into the 13ft pit, i was rushing to the dressing room running along stage left but the pit began to look like a shiny stage and i was close to stepping on it

  3. Rebecca Kenyon says:

    Liverpool Empire Theatre – I have also noticed another ghost by the pass door near the stage door of the theatre. It is a woman in a victorian dress and she appears as a grey mist. I have also witnessed a lot of poltergeist activity: doors slamming shut right behind me, when has been no doors anywhere near me, and the entrance doors being shook as in making sure they were locked securely.
    Another one of my work colleagues has also noticed a ghost on the left side of the circle seating area dressed in the theatre uniform.

    This all happened from when I started working there a month ago, and quite a few times too.

    • Hello Rebecca,
      Many thanks for taking the time to write in, fascinating stuff. If you think your work colleague would be interested in also posting on their experiences that would be most appreciated. I would be delighted if you could keep me updated on your experiences at the Liverpool Empire Theatre

    • Zachary WOodman says:

      Rebecca – I did a get-out at the Empire last year (May 2018) and I’ve too seen a lady in Victorian dress near the front of house pass door stage left near stage door. She was actually stood on top of the stairs leading up to the circle, I saw a figure as I looked up, she disappeared very swiftly. I had to take some time out as I was quite shaken by it all.

      • Stage is always right says:

        Hi, I work on stage at the Empire and can confirm the sightings of ghosts in the theatre. The man and girl who walk at the back of the stalls is a regular sighting from stage during a get out. There is one that haunts the ladies toilets in the upper circle, lights going off, open windows and slammed doors.
        In the upper circle itself our stage manager witnessed a man walking towards him after checking out an alarm late at night, he ran from the circle and said the whole building went freezing cold.
        Another is a dresser who left after going into the stage managers office and seeing the old manager from the 1920s in the room with the whole room changed in a time warp to that era, he looked up at her and asked what he could do for her, she ran on stage screaming and left that day.
        There’s been a few more sightings in the theatre but they’re the ones I know from people telling me first hand.

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