Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Ghost Train

During April every year, witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train.

During April every year, witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train.

Residents of both Urbana and Piqua have reported the ghostly site of The Lincoln Special, traveling along the train tracks, the ghostly locomotive carries Lincoln’s coffin (surrounded by a crew of blue coated skeletons). “A huge steam-engine draped in black crepe approached, stacks bellowing forth a steady stream of smoke. The brass on the engine gleamed, and it pulled several flat cars along behind it. I stared into the windows of the engine, but couldn’t see any crew. Just at the edge of hearing came the faint sound of music and turned to look at the flat cars behind the engine. I gasped and back up so far that I bumped into the trunk of a tree growing near the tracks.

There was a glowing orchestra of skeletons seated in a semi-circle. They were playing a nearly-soundless funeral dirge on glowing black instruments. A violinist played passionately; a skeleton lifted a flute to its lipless mouth; a lone drummer sat waiting patiently for his cue from the skeletal conductor.

Then the orchestra was gone and another glowing headlight pierced the blackness. I was trying unsuccessfully to push my way through the bark of the tree by this time. Another black crepe draped train was approaching. A funeral train, I thought. Again, there was no one manning the engine, and no one appeared on the flat car behind it. The only thing there was a single black-crepe draped coffin. But swirling in the air around the train were the ghostly figures of soldiers dressed in the blue uniforms worn by the North during the civil war. They lined up before my eyes, saluting the solitary coffin as it passed. Some of the ghosts staggered under the weight of their own coffins; some limped on one leg or sat in a wheeled chair, legless. Their eyes were fixed upon the flat-car and the black-creped coffin. Then they were joined by soldiers from the Southern army, and all these lads saluted too, honouring the one who had fallen. That’s when I knew what I was seeing. This was the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln.”
S. E. Schlosser

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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