Aston Hall. Birmingham

Constructed in 1618 for Sir John Holte. Holte was a Royalist, who supported the king against the roundheads during the Civil War.

Constructed in 1618 for Sir John Holte. Holte was a Royalist, who supported the king against the roundheads during the Civil War.

Holte had a fearsome reputation and locked his daughter in the Tower Room (after she attempted to elope), he kept her in the room for 16 years and the poor girl eventually became insane and died. Her grey, but solid ghost has been seen by three visitors in the last two years.

The Ghost of Mrs Walker who was in life a housekeeper at Aston in 1645, has also been see by staff. Her apparition wares a green dress with a high collar. Another of Aston’s spirits is that of Dick the Houseboy. In his lifetime he was accused of theft and hung himself in the servants quarters. The room has since become known as Dicks Garret, and a caretaker has witnessed the ghost swinging in the room.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Roma Taylor says:

    In am descended from the Holtes . In the last 2 years I heard a girl crying and singing first in English then in French. I ‘heard’ it in my sleep even before I learned I was related to the Holtes . She just disappeared and never returned. Could this be thomas’s daughter?

    • Cesarine Valois says:

      Hmm father didn’t like that I kept track of his personal activities and tried to bind me to the house long past my death out of fear I’d talk about his actions. He never liked me depending on my french studies and he managed to curse every single one of his ancestors. If you heard me go in 2019, thank you for witnessing my goodbye. I finally managed to reincarnate but the beginning has been rocky and no one really believes I used to reside in the house. I’ve turned it into a bit of a hotel for the dead so if you go back there are quite a few guests who are working on their hauntings. Just go with an open mind and check to see if the staff are sleeping properly, I don’t think they’re taking the news quite so well as others are taking it. Don’t worry… the girl who resided in this body died a long time ago. (Just kidding, her father never allowed her to live gehehehhehehehe) jokes aside I’m taking a holiday from my house and I’ll be back in 2021 after I’ve taught this person how to be herself again. Her etiquette is horrendous. We’re currently working on a spirit/human possession system that allows for 2 way communication without damaging the host. So wish us luck and I hope you enjoyed our mini horror story.

    • Cesarine Valois says:

      That one was me. I left a mirror image behind for ancestors. I work with the ghosts in the house and deliver messages. If you’ve got Holte dna make sure you anchor yourself on occasion so people don’t use you. We have to move forwards.

  2. Amy Winstanley says:

    I visited Aston Hall as a child with my father and always wanted to re visit as an adult.

    I visited with my Husband on our Anniversary and in the room up the stairs which was ment to be the room of the Daughter that was locked away by her father i seen a black figure of a woman walk past in the room.

    I instantley felt chills run through my body and i called my Husband who is the biggest None believer of ghosts ever.

    I told him what i seen and he laughed, just as he did the figure walked past again.
    My Husband just turned away and walked off. After a while i said to him “You seen it too didn’t you ?”
    He said “Yes, i dont believe in Ghosts but i definitely seen something. It looked like a lady. I dont believe in ghosts, but that…… i can not explain”


    I worked at Aston Hall museum as a security officer from 1991 to 1994, I can tell you that there are 3 ghosts, that are reported to haunt Aston hall, the ghost you refer to written here is Mary Holte who was one of Sir Thomas Holte’s daughters. The story goes that she was locked in a room in the loft area by her father Sir Thomas Holte because she wanted to elope and marry a suitor below her family status which her father rejected to. Sir Thomas Holte locked her in this loft room to stop her eloping and from seeing her suitor, its said that she was imprisoned in this room for several years, she was meant to have starved herself in protest and that she died from starvation and a broken heart. Her ghost which known as the Grey /white Lady is seen on the upper floor of Aston hall near the house keepers room and dicks garret area.

    The 2nd ghost is that of a servant boy who’s ghost is seen often hanging from a roof beam in dicks garret, the story behind this ghost is that he was accused of stealing from the Holte family, and rather than bring shame on his own family for stealing (in the 1700’s it was classed as a great honor to work in service for the then lord of the manor – who was Sir Thomas Holte at the time) – the servant boy took his own life committing suicide by hanging himself in what’s now known as Dick’s Garret.

    The 3rd ghost is believed to be Mrs Whittiker or walker? A former house keeper to Sir Thomas Holte her ghost is often seen wearing a bottle green dress thus why she has become known as the green lady, her ghost has been seen in various different areas of the house, but is most often seen in the house keepers room and nursery or sitting in a shell backed chair in the great hall.

    I myself have seen this ghost the green lady back in 1991 when I worked at Aston hall and had been on security duty in the Dicks Garret, the house keepers room and nursery area, which are all sited on the upper floor of Aston hall.
    I was working as a museum security officer at Aston hall museum in Birmingham (near Aston Villa football ground), the museum is a 17th century house which is supposed to be haunted by at least 3 different ghosts.

    In the summer of 1991 I was on duty at the top of the house sat on a chair at the top of the 2nd oak stair case near to Dick’s Garrett and the house keepers room. I had two visitors come up the stair case pass me, go into the house keepers room, then the nursery room, then coming back pass me and down the stairs case they had came up. It was getting on to about 4.30pm (Museum closes at 5pm) so I wasn’t expecting any one else to come up stairs, my supervisor radio-ed up to me to start locking the upstairs rooms. I started to lock the rooms up when I got the feeling that someone was in the nursery room, as I started to walk along the corridor to this room I could see a old lady with her back towards me wearing a bottle green dress. I first thought she was a visitor who had come up the spiral stair case near the nursery till I realised that the door at the bottom of this stair case would have been closed and lock at 4.15pm I realised that the dress she was wearing was 17th century and that I could see a picture on the wall, behind her. As I realised that what i was seeing was one of the museums ghosts she disappeared before me. I radio-ed down to my supervisor what i had saw who confirmed that i had indeed seen the ghost of the green lady as she’s called, my supervisor telling me that he himself had seen her two years before me.

    Thank You
    Martin Brookes

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