Besford Court. Pershore

Besford Court haunted by the Ghost of a Grey Lady

A ghost of a Grey lady is reported to Haunt the Grade 2 listed building in Besford. Nr Pershore

Besford is a village and civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 147. The village is near Pershore, off the road from Upton-upon-Severn. A historic house, Besford Court (a grade II* listed building), is located in the village. Besford Court was once used as a school known as Besford Court Hospital

It has been reported by both present day residents and by pupils of the former school that a lady in grey haunts the rooms of the old building, she is often accompanied by a subtle but distinctive flowery perfume.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Michael Gallagher says:

    Hi,I Michael Gallagher

  2. Hello everybody
    since 2011 I have been doing a reunion at what is called croome Park,
    every year with the help of the National trust I coordinate the reunion for all X students of all ages from both schools junior and senior the next one will be early summer next year if any of you would like to attend I would give you the group page address bar I will be advertising the reunion just for Christmas

    For further information on all the things we do including other members please look up croome court school on Facebook this page is open to anybody so any relative can act as your representative if you wish
    please make contact as there are many friends on the group from the school who I’m sure all would absolutely love to talk to you all

    My respects to all
    phone number
    (07763) 944375

  3. Ray bird says:

    I went to Bestford court school in 1989 to 1997 and I rember the one of the teacher her real name was sheila

  4. Vince t Day says:

    I went to besford court school in the 70s when Mr Hughes was head master very nice man

  5. Gerard Lowe says:

    I went to Besford Court School from 1982 to 1986…. I really missed it that much that I now own a home there… never forgotten…….

  6. Alan W says:

    As. catholic seminarian from Beckford, I visited the “special school” at weekends in the late 60s to assist the care staff. The only member of staff at Besford I can still remember is Mr Shevlin, father of fellow seminarian.

    • terry o connor says:

      i am 62.
      i went to croom court in 1967 when i was just 11 where there was corporal punishment.
      And Besford court 13-16 it was a lot butter and a lot more fun.
      please get in touch.
      terry o connor
      10 cave court, wilder st, st paul’s,
      bristol, bs2 8qx

    • Terry O'Connor says:

      I vaguely remember Mr Shevlin when I was there do I cannot remember his face seening it was a long time ago I think I left in about 1971
      please e-mail me at if you want to

  7. Leanne says:

    I also was at Bedford in early 90 but never saw anything but I do rem the strange feeling looking up those stairs , I heard some story’s Abt her and that she was Abt to get married and her husband didn’t turn up ??

    • David Harris says:

      There was a lost of spock things.. Like think you have seen someone but they were gone.. I went from 1995-1997 when it closed..

  8. richard . hodgkiss says:

    Richard Hodgkiss and Martyn went to Croome and Besford from 1977 till 1982 or 1983, with my brother. They all ways talked of a gray lady but never saw her, but you new something was there. If you were at school and remember me get in touch by email thank you.

    • Hi me name is Michael Young i went to cromme and besford court boys school from 1975.It would be nice to be contacted by anybody who was there at that time. I have memories of the nuns and would like to share me stories of the good and bad times.

      • John lemaire says:

        Hi mate I went to croome court 1974 to1976 then went to besford court 1976 to1979 my mates you might no where Alan & Gary Jenkins Charlie Tames Kevin score carl Davies Terry gay Joe Jordan list goes on older lads kenny Ross john o’cain mr newton was in charge of the football team I was in I didn’t like croome court that much. Best nuns was sister Ursula and sister Eileen.they where great nuns to us all the food was crap besford court was great play football for besford did good at cross country running joe chance was the best for besford my time there we had to run past the school do a left past the farm which would be on your right to the end of the road do a right down the hill the run up that nightmare hill to the front entrance of the school my teacher was mr Greenock mr cain mr Lewis my mates said I was mr Lewis & mr huges farvorate in the school we all done a runner to Eversham Gramham Locas carl Davis Kevin score Charlie Tames joe Jordan they got the slipper I was last in got nowt. Juest told off I bit the out door swimming pool was great in the summer me Charlie and a few others use to sleep in a den we build mr huges & mr Lewis sorted food blankets out they were great days there we used to go to the disco in Worcester Saturday night in the mini bus any way let me no what you thought your stay was like cheers mate

  9. dave says:

    Beatrice, widow of Alexander de Besford, who held of the lord a toft (an entire holding, consisting of a Manor and the attached land) in which the capital messuage (the main messuage of an estate, the house in which the owner of the estate normally lives.) where her manor used to stand, and two parts of the manor of Besford, died in 1403–4, she is an ancester of mine, perhaps the Grey Lady is her? I would like to think so.

  10. Geoff Moore says:

    My uncle attended the school in the fortys, He was called martin orange, known as wiilliam.

  11. PEMAN says:

    I used to work there in the 1990’s. There was always talk of the Grey lady and other ghosts. A coach and horses used to gallop down the lane and a ghostly woman used to hover by the tin club hut. Never saw them but then again was never that drunk!

    Only odd unexplainable experience I had was ( common to others too) standing in the doorway of the carestaffs office at 11pm and like clockwork the following used to happen…… You could here snooker balls being struck in the snooker room followed by two doors opening (Sound not physically happening). Then you could hear footfall on a dense surface followed by a hollow sounding footfall of someone walking up the wooden flight of stairs to the upper floor. I wonder if it still happens now that the building has been converted to private residential houses/flats?

    • Hello Duncan
      Many thanks for taking the time to leave your comment on Besford Court. I too wonder if anything odd happens still with the recent changes to the building usage. Please feel free to pass this website on to your friends and share on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Mike D says:

      as a former Pupil of bestford court school, 1990 to 1996
      I’ve also seen sightings of the Grey lady that lingers by the big hall up stairs,

      it was always late at night, around midnight the door way to the hall in st patricks i use to sit and wait for her to apear, she would walk past me with her grey hair blowing in the breaze as she walked, she wore a White Aprion and a nurse’s hat she would always enter the big hall and then vanish, the following night I would sit in the hall and wait for her to enter the hall, i would sit and watch her to see where she goes and she would always enter the hall and then walk to her left to the fire place and then vanish,
      Today the Resdance of Besford court Still mention the sightings of “the grey lady”
      there is a writer who lived at the newly converted Besford court and has mentioned of sightings of the grey lady…..

      Duncan P may that be ?? with a “ring for Service” (mug) that he Carried in to his class…..

      • David Harris says:

        That’s what I recall.. And see one thing walk pass out door but gone when we look out of our bedroom door

    • Mike says:

      my dad and mum worked there in the 40’s to 50’s

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