Bisham Abbey. Berkshire

Bisham Abbey is a Grade I listed manor house at Bisham in the English county of Berkshire.

The ghost of Elizabeth Hoby (1528–1609) is said to haunt the Great Hall where her portrait hangs. Legend says she wishes to repent the death of a son which she caused through punishment and neglect.

Elizabeth Hoby who was a Dame by title, and being a renowned academic of the time, was disappointed that her only son was not so gifted. She would constantly push him to study harder, and if he failed then physical punishment would follow. Perhaps seen as an embarrassment to her status, during one beating, he died, it is reported that Elizabeth Hoby walks the abbey grounds weeping and washing the blood from her hands..

Bisham Abbey is a Grade I listed manor house at Bisham in the English county of Berkshire. The name is taken from the now lost monastery which once stood alongside. Bisham abbey was previously named Bisham Priory, and was the traditional resting place of many Earls of Salisbury.

The manor house was built around 1260 as a community house for two Knights Templar. When the Templars were suppressed in 1307, King Edward II took over the manorial rights, granting them to various relatives.

In 1310 the building was used as a place of confinement for Queen Elizabeth of the Scots, wife of King Robert the Bruce, along with her stepdaughter Princess Marjorie and sister–in–law, Lady Christine of Carrick. They had been captured on the Isle of Rathlin during the Scottish Wars of Succession, and were placed in the charge of the King’s Yeoman, John Bentley, for two years, until removed to Windsor.


Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Frances Gasparotto says:

    That story was creepy – well done! 😀

  2. Ann Phyall says:

    We had no prior knowledge of Lady Elizabeth Hoby until, in the 1990’s we had a Dolls House & Miniatures shop in West St; Marlow. It wasn’t unusual for passers-by to call in just to browse & chat, often stopping to tell about their dolls houses in childhood.

    One of these ladies did just that & we didn’t think there was anything unusual about her, but before she left she said her name was ‘Lady Elizabeth Hoby of Bisham Abbey’. She wore a grey skirt, grey jumper & blouse..her hair was shoulder length grey & she was tall & slim…nothing to distinguish her from anyone else in the street. An hour or so later I popped over the road to another shop; when asked if we’d had any interesting customers, I mentioned Lady Elizabeth Hoby from Bisham Abbey, & that she didn’t buy anything! ‘Don’t be daft…she’s been dead for donkeys years …she’s a ghost !!!!

    We still don’t know what to make of it, except, were both very sure of what we saw & heard!

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