Ghost of Mote Park. Kent

Mote Park is a 180 hectare multi-use public park in Maidstone, Kent. Previously a country estate it was converted to landscaped park land at the end of the 18th century before becoming a municipal park. It includes the former stately home Mote House

Reports by members of the public state that on several occasions a a little girl in a white dress has been witnessed late at night running around and playing within the trees at the park.

With such interest in this story a Mr Elspass, who lives locally to the park took the time to write in and recount his own experience…

“One night, I had gone to visit a friend on the town centre side of the park, when I decided it was getting pretty late, and I should be getting home – it was about 1am. I was tired and decided to walk through the park in order to reach my house on the other side. The park used to be a private estate, owned by an Earl and his family for generations. In the very centre of the park, ontop of a hill, is the old Mote House, a great big Georgian manor house, which became an old peoples home after the park became public, but has long since been derelict and empty.

Walking along the path through the park, I climbed the hill to the house, and then began to descend the other side. As it starts to slope back down, there is a line of trees down one side of the path. As I was walking along this line of trees (which are spaced a fair distance apart), I looked over and – baring in mind it was pitch black – I could ever so slightly make out a pale area of light positioned in front of one of these trees.

Its hard to explain it, it wasn’t really a light in that it lit up the surrounding area, but I could just tell that there was something there that was light enough for it to stand out against the darkness of night.  I shrugged it off, thinking it was probably a plastic bag or something caught in the bushes at the base of the tree, and carried on. However, as it was a strange sight, I did not look away from it whilst walking past. I t was when I reached the other side of the tree, having now walked right past the tree, that I realised this light object couldn’t possibly be attached to the tree, as it had rotated around the trunk of the tree, so that no matter where I stood, this object was always positioned to the right of the tree trunk facing me.

Confused by this, I stopped walking and stood and just looked at it trying to figure out what it was. I don’t think it was my eyesight being bad before, but this object of plain “whiteness” changed as i stood there…whereas before all I saw was a light, paleness, I now could make out the outline of a little girl – no facial features or anything…just the outline of a girl, and something in my head said to me “there is no question, that is a girl standing there looking back at you”.

When I mentioned my experience to other people many I know agreed with me and said that they had seen a little girl in a white dress walking around the park before”

Have yo or anyone you know witnessed the same or something similar in Mote Park, if so we would love to read your story.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Hi when I was younger probley age 12 im 25 now but still remember it to this day me and my family went metal detectoring in the wood bit further from the old house in Moto park there was one big tree and circle of trees around it and all of a sudden my hairs stood up I looked up saw a black shadow figure with arms in the air no features just a shadow I said to my mum and sister there some one standin there near the tree they saw it i turned around at first I thought it was my brother messin around but. It wasn’t I looked back and it was gone me my sister just ran it scared us that much we never went back but if u look for a tree in the middle of the woods with a circle around it of trees that’s the place

  2. The finder says:

    Hi all. I have spent my entire life searching for a real ghost and never found one. Looked at over 600 locations. Please if anyone can show me a real entity it would be life changing and amazing please. Iv visited mote park 43 times at different times and points dying to meet the little girl ghost. Can anyone help me please as I don’t want to continue my books and papers without seeing myself. Please help me

  3. darren amos says:

    to roger hogg would be very interested to join your club, as in my work at mod security, I experienced lots of varies unusual ghostly unexplained things, but had no one to share them with.

  4. sam harrison says:

    approx. 19 yrs ago me and a friend was in mote park around 1am sitting at the top of the hill under a tree adjacent to what was then Cheshire home/ the mannor house. we both sat in silence as we witnessed the bright white objects of different sizes glide/hover down the hill towards the row of trees just before the small weir bridge. one disappeared behind the tree and the other carried on toward the bridge and disappeared. we both know what we saw was not normal, nothing about it was normal…..

  5. Jess says:

    Hello, I live on mote avenue, a couple of months ago I had been on a night out and woke up during the night to go to the toilet around 3am ish, I noticed a little girl in a white night gown dress, with a block cut fringe looking over my friend who was asleep I could make out everything about this girl, face features ect.. She stared at me for a while and did not move for about 4 mins!
    I closed the door for a few mins and then she was gone, Iv seen lots of spirit in the past but this little girl was different and seemed to really hang around! Would love to know if anyone else has had the same experience.


    We were walking through mote park.. about 2 weeks ago at approximately 2 am. And we saw that little girl!!!! At first, we began to run but shortly after we stopped and thought to ourselves……………….. ‘maybe she just wants a chat?’

  7. roger says:

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  8. Shazza says:

    If anyone would be interested in joining our facebook group please feel free. We are also planning on doing an investigation at Mote Park x

  9. John says:

    I wonder if the alleged secret tunnels under Mote Park are haunted?

  10. Hi all

    I am the co-founder of a paranormal research group based in Maidstone we have also conducted a paranormal investigation in mote park and have some very interesting evidence including a photo of a face in a window which as a team has got us all stumped for an explanation. We are liking to return to the park with other teams and people to try and catch what we had before. Jonny Elspass the photo we got of the face was following your article put in the Kent messenger, roger if you and your group would like to join us on this then get in touch with me either at work (Fremlin Wak) or on or on the number in this message.

    Any one else that would like more details about us or would like us to join them on a investigation then just drop me a text on 07986228812.

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    Thanks all

    Spook spotters PI team

  11. roger says:

    we have now got a website up and runing and is in the middel of being built.

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  12. Roger says:

    Hi my name roger I done some paranormal investergations in most park now for about 4 months and now I want to get a group together were we can get more locations to do investergations on. Please email me and I will get back in toch

    • Jonny says:

      Hi Roger,
      If you’re still doing it, Id be more than happy to help with your investigations

      Jonny Elspass

      • Roger says:

        Hi yes I’m am looking for members still to join my paranormal group I got loads of investergations to do in and out of Maidstone but need to get a group up and runing first so if anyone would like to join the group please contact me via by phone or email. Roger 07534923504 – and then we all could meet up some were and have a group meeting and get the ball rolling and start ghost hunting the group will be called Kent & Medway paranormal seekers a website I due to come up and runing soon. So of you want to join a paranormal team Kent & Medway is the one as I got loads of stuff ready to start once I got the group. Hope to hear from you all soon

        Roger Hogg
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  13. Charlie says:


    I currently live on mote avenue with my family and last week my sister had a similar sighting in our house! She woke up at 4am to go to the toilet and saw a young girl approx 10 years old in a long white old style dress, with a long heavy set fringe, the little girl stared at my sister, turned her head to the side and then looked at her again. My sister slammed the door in fright and when she re opened it, the girl was gone.
    I have around an old map of Maidstone from 1936 – which shows that mote avenue used to be part of the mote park estate. Has anyone done any research to find out who this girl is? Everything I have looked at has drawn a blank. This includes family’s that used to own mote park and general deaths in the mote park area? The area I’m researching now is of the orphanage that used to be in mote house. The Caldecott community I believe it’s called. Any ideas of where to look would be ideal, thanks.

  14. katie beevis says:

    thanks you this is great !

  15. Roger Hogg says:

    On the 12th august 2012 time 1.30am
    Me and my mate decide to do a paranormal investigation on the top side of the park near Sheapway. We did used the Ouija board asking if anyone was they but it showed no sign of moving.
    We then decided to move on, when walking back to the path we felt a very strong energy, we both went really warm and the hairs stuck up on our necks and arms. We heard noises coming from the other side of the park then back again. Me and my mate Shawn we sure something walking by the trees and then we asked it to come forward, it came very close to us and I was drawn to keep looking in the area and all I saw was a figure building up, all I saw was a face starting to build and soon I saw the eyes and part of the nose, I was gone! then my mate said what’s up i said just run he looked and saw the full figure head looking at him then he ran. For the pass 3 years I have been doing this with a group called Kent paranormal seekers I never in my 3 years come across something like this and next time we will be going back as a group of us.

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