Haddon Hall. Bakewell Derbyshire

A fortified Manor House built by Richard Vernon in 1170.

A fortified Manor House built by Richard Vernon in 1170.

The Hall has remained very much the same since the reign of Henry V111. Haddon has featured in many films and TV programmes including, most recently Pride and Prejudice. The ghostly manifests include cold spots on the stone staircases, a white lady who drifts across the 14th century banqueting hall, a ghostly dog who yaps in the gardens. In the 16th Century Prince Arthur, eldest son of King Henry V11, sat in the grounds of Haddon Hall, and was witness to a spirit woman “features sunken and wan.. lips of ashy hue and eyeballs protruding bright and motionless” and warned him:

“ Unhappy Royal Prince.. One earthly Pageant awaits thee, yea, it is at hand; and then, ah! then, thou wilt drop into the lap of thy mother earth! Forth comes to Britain’s shore thy lovely, smiling bride – ah! and widow of a royal boy! “

Prince Arthur died of a sudden illness, his last words being “O, the vision of the cross at Haddon!”.

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  1. Rossco says:

    I visited Haddon in about 2008. I took a picture in the kitchen area with my phone that showed a large black mass

  2. Ashley says:

    Visited October 2014. Strange smell and overwhelming feeling of sadness in room on the right before the main kitchen, could have sworn I was in the pantry yet no door leads to it from the main corridor. Presumed undocumented death (1400-1500s) of a boy? Anyone else experience such?

    • Thank you for writing in Ashley. Very interesting.
      Please share the website with your friends and family.

    • Cozza says:

      We just googled ghosts of Haddon Hall, because when we visited last month, my daughter and I both felt an odd feeling, and heard a moaning sound. My daughter thought it was me winding her up, but it definitely wasn’t! And guess where this was? The room on the right before the main kitchen! On telling my parents, mum just told me that she took a photo and there was a figure in the frame, but when she looked back it was gone. And guess what room this was? Yes, the room on the right before the kitchen!

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