Hindley Police Station, Lancashire

The former Hindley police station

Was the Hindley Police Station on Castle Hill road haunted by a Victorian Policman?

Although now closed the old Police Station on Castle Hill road, was reported as being haunting by a gentleman dressed in a black cape, it is said that a a visitor asked to leave this police station after spotting a ghostly male figure in walking along a corridor.

A police officer, who was the only other person in the building at the time, who questioned the visitor about the sighting, and confessed to the fact that other police offers and for those staying within the cells had reported feeling ‘uncomfortable’ in the very same area.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

7 Comments on "Hindley Police Station, Lancashire"

  1. Jean Hall says:

    Isn’t there a well in the o!d changing room at Hindley police station ? I’m sure I read about it some years ago.
    When was the police station built ? Was there another building on or near the site before it was built ?

  2. Julie Ingram says:

    The palace in Market street in Hindley,formerly palace cinema is also supposed to be haunted,when it was a cinema a lady called Mrs white was the usherette and she supposedly hung herself in the projector room and she haunts it,it’s a gym now.

  3. Gordon Brockley says:

    I live in Hindley, the police station has never been a private residence, it is currently a dental technician business.

  4. Dave says:

    Is the building still standing, and if it is, do you know what it is now?

    • Hello Dave,
      Yes, as far as I know the building is still standing, however I believe its now a private residence.

      If you find any information to the contrary, ill be happy to update the post to reflect your information.

      • Mark Schofield says:

        I am the cop who was present.
        I have seen the lady who saw the ghost several times over the past few years and she is still sticking by her story.
        I did some research and a police officer was killed many years ago outside the building by a horse and trap.
        Once upon at time officers lived in the building.

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