Lanhydrock House. Cornwall

Lanhydrock House was nearly destroyed in 1881

A strage unearthly shape is said to roam several rooms of Lanhydrock House.

Lanhydrock is the perfect country house and estate, This entity haunts the 17th-century Long Gallery and the Drawing Room, the only parts of the original house that still stand, after a devastating fire in 1881. The building is also said to be haunted by a man who was hanged by Royalists during the Civil War.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

2 Comments on "Lanhydrock House. Cornwall"

  1. Linda Tucker says:

    went there many years ago felt at home in the long drawing room
    there is a panting of the lady of the house as i walked down the hall ,i felt as if i was wearing a crinoline i could feel the swish of the dress

  2. Frances Gasparotto says:

    Having a ghost walk through you is like a freezing cold chill – even on a hot day! Very creepy!

  3. Casey-Jane says:

    I went here and felt a cold chill in the gallery, it was weird. It was weirder then any feeling I’ve had before, I’ve had experience with ghosts, I can see them and they are everywhere in my school even. I turn a corner and there, I walk through one…. It kills me inside when they walk through me…. Any way it’s so freaky…..

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