Lanhydrock House. Cornwall

Lanhydrock House was nearly destroyed in 1881

A strage unearthly shape is said to roam several rooms of Lanhydrock House.

Lanhydrock is the perfect country house and estate, This entity haunts the 17th-century Long Gallery and the Drawing Room, the only parts of the original house that still stand, after a devastating fire in 1881. The building is also said to be haunted by a man who was hanged by Royalists during the Civil War.

Loves a good ghost story, especially whilst sat in front of an open log fire on a cold and dark winters night.

4 Comments on "Lanhydrock House. Cornwall"

  1. DAVID HART says:

    I’ve been to Lanhydroc quite a few times I’ve felt something in and been aware of Elizabeth Hargreaves on the stairs leading up to the baggage rooms on to floor. She was always on stairs or in the doorway. I never new ahe was a maid until I read about her months later. Going back I feel a stronger bond. She’s trying to tell me something. As if she was pushed down stairs!

  2. Linda Tucker says:

    went there many years ago felt at home in the long drawing room
    there is a panting of the lady of the house as i walked down the hall ,i felt as if i was wearing a crinoline i could feel the swish of the dress

  3. Frances Gasparotto says:

    Having a ghost walk through you is like a freezing cold chill – even on a hot day! Very creepy!

  4. Casey-Jane says:

    I went here and felt a cold chill in the gallery, it was weird. It was weirder then any feeling I’ve had before, I’ve had experience with ghosts, I can see them and they are everywhere in my school even. I turn a corner and there, I walk through one…. It kills me inside when they walk through me…. Any way it’s so freaky…..

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