Raynham Hall. Norfolk

Ghostly Figure of the Raynham Hall Brown Lady

A ghost of a woman known as the Brown Lady haunts Raynham Hall. She has not been seen since 1936, however a very reliable photograph was taken of the apparition.

The spectre is seen in a long brown dress or cape. The first sighting was reported in 1835 by Colonel Loftus, who witnessed the ghost twice. His description was that she was wearing a brown satin dress and had only black empty sockets for eyes.

Captain Frederick Marryat also saw the ghost, after sleeping in the haunted room. The Captain saw the ghost carrying a lantern, but also said she was dressed in brown and had no eyes. He fired a gun at the ghost, and the bullets passed right through the figure.

Two little boys also saw the ghost in 1926, and in 1936, a famous photograph was taken by photographers Captain Provand and Indre Shira (during a shoot for Country Life).

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  1. Bobbi Kellogg says:

    Awesome story! Would love to see Ghost Hunters International check this one out!!!

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