Roman Legionaries. York

Roman legionary troops

The Treasurer’s House (behind York Minster), was built in 1419.

Harry Martindale an apprentice plumber was installing a new central heating system in the cellars in 1953 when he heard the sound of a horn.

He continued to hear the Horn but carried on working up his ladder. Suddenly and without warning a cart horse ridden by a dishevelled Roman soldier, appeared through the wall. The carthorse was followed by several weary and miserable looking Roman Soldiers carrying short swords and spears.

Harry couldn’t see the soldiers from below the knee and he realised that they were walking on the old Roman road buried 15 inches below the surface. The ghostly troop had been seen several times in the past. Roman foundations have been found (Beneath the Minster) and York was inhabited by the 9th Legion of Rome.

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