Ludlow Castle. Shropshire

Haunted by the Ghost of Marion - Haunted England

The castle is reputed to be haunted by Marion de Bruyere. She was on the side of the castle garrison who were holding out against a besieging force.

Bruyere’s lover was on the opposing, attacking side, she allowed him to climb a rope to her chamber. However after visiting her one night, and in his passion, the man forgot to pull up the rope. Consequently his fellow soldiers were then able to climb it and take possession of the castle. Upset at her lovers betrayal she killed her lover with his own sword then threw herself from the Battlements. He spirit walks the Hanging Tower of the castle. Other ghosts also haunt Ludlow castle, a grey haired lady who walks the rectory and churchyard.

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Castle May. Caithness

The ghost of the Green Lady haunts Castle May.

The ghost of the Green Lady haunts Castle May.

She is believed to be the ghost of Lady Sinclair who threw herself to her death from one of the Castles high towers. Lady Sinclair had fallen in love with one of the servants and as it was deemed inappropriate for a Lady to have a relationship with an underclass the distressed woman turned to suicide.

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Wellington Hotel. Boscastle

Wellington Hotel. Boscastle, Several ghosts are said to haunt this Hotel.

Overlooking the harbour in the Cornish fishing village of Boscastle, The Wellington Hotel is haunted by the ghosts of a man and young lady.

The Wellington Hotel is one of Cornwall’s oldest Coaching Inns and dates back to the 16th Century. Originally known as the Bos Castle Hotel, the Hotel was renamed after the death of the “Iron Duke”, the Duke Of Wellington.

The ghostly figure of a man, complete with frilly shirt and ponytail, has been seen disappearing though the wall near the Hotels reception room. The ghost of a young lady who committed suicide by leaping from a tower attached to the building has also been seen in the area.


Stowheath Manor House. Bilston

Ghostly Woman in White haunts this Old Manor House

A Ghostly woman in white haunts the Old Manor house of Stowheath. Continue reading →

Jamaica Inn. Cornwall

Onced used by smugglers, is haunted now haunted by several ghosts

A sailor who was murdered nearby  returns to the public house to finish his last drink Continue reading →