Harvington Hall. Bromsgrove

Haunted by the Ghost of Mary Yates

The Ghost of Mary Yates is reported to Haunt Harvington Hall in Bromsgrove. Continue reading →

Besford Court. Pershore

Besford Court haunted by the Ghost of a Grey Lady

A ghost of a Grey lady is reported to Haunt the Grade 2 listed building in Besford. Nr Pershore

Besford is a village and civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 147. The village is near Pershore, off the road from Upton-upon-Severn. A historic house, Besford Court (a grade II* listed building), is located in the village. Besford Court was once used as a school known as Besford Court Hospital

It has been reported by both present day residents and by pupils of the former school that a lady in grey haunts the rooms of the old building, she is often accompanied by a subtle but distinctive flowery perfume.

The Bell Hotel.Thetford, Norfolk

Some ghost sightings include one of an ex-landlady and a hooded monk...

Some ghost sightings include one of an ex-landlady and a hooded monk… Continue reading →

Flitwick Manor Hotel. Bedfordshire

Flitwick Manor Hotel is reputable haunted by a ghost of an old housekeeper that roams the rooms above the property.

Flitwick Manor Hotel is haunted by a ghost of an old housekeeper that roams the rooms above the property, the ghostly apparitions appearing when building contractors stumbled upon a unused room in the upper part of the hotel.

In the early 1800’s Flitwick Manor was home the family of a Mr John Thomas Brooks and his wife. The manor stayed within the family name over for hundred years until the family name died out in 1934. During its time Flitwick Manor has had numerous reported accounts of a ghostly woman seen sitting at the foot beds in the hotel rooms and or her ghostly figure seen to be peering out of the windows of the hotel.

Other reports made by guests of the hotel contest to the sounds of ghostly footsteps heard by many, walking freely around the hotel rooms and corridors, more interestingly enough, there have also been reports of lighting and electrical problems which have also been unexplained.

It is of local opinion that the ghostly spirt haunting the hotel is that of the wife of Mr Brooks, It is said Mrs Brooks lost her daughter Mary Ann, tragically early on in her life. Its also said this loss drove the couple apart, leaving Mrs Brooks with a broken heart and a restless spirit in death.

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Norwood Hall Hotel. Aberdeen Scotland

Norwood Hall hotel is haunted by thee ghosts whose apparitions have been seen on several occasions.

Norwood Hall hotel is haunted by thee ghostly apparitions who have been witnessed on several occasions.

Norwood Hall Hotel is a beautiful mansion dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. In 1872, the owner of the property, Colonel James (Soapy) Ogston, began rebuilding the house, its during this period of time the Colonel moved his wife and family to Ardoe House over the river from Norward Hall, once done, the Colonel then offered Norwood Hall his mistress.

Over the years the relationship between the Colonel and his mistress strengthened, yet the Colonel still loved equally his long standing wife. The Colonels mistress and wife were well known to each other and both aware of the Colonels infidelity to the other, its thought that the Colonel wife and mistress wanted James to leave the other but James refused causing both women to be heartbroken.

It is said that Norwood is haunted by the Colonels two lovers and the apparition of James Ogston has been seen standing in front of the fireplace in the dining room. The ghostly figure of his mistress has been reported to haunt the stairs, and there have been several reports that his wife haunts the hall, kitchen, and dining room.

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