Ghosts of Ettington Park Hotel.

Ettington Park Hotal - UK's Most Haunted Hotel

Ettington Park Hotel is steeped in a rich and varied history and has over the years and has gain the prestigious accolade of the Most Haunted Hotel in Britain, with its many ghosts and tales of tragedy.

Archaeological evidence shows the grounds and the buildings have been a centre of human habitation for at least 2,000 years. Several archaeological digs have unearthed long lost Roman coins, brass ornaments and large quantities of pottery.

There is strong evidence that a Roman villa existed on the site. In recent times the Hotel and grounds at Ettington have had a leading role in the motion movie ‘The Haunting‘ directed by Robert Wise 1963.

The Many Ghosts at Ettington Park

The ghost stories surrounding the Ettington Park Hotel are as varied as its history, and not surprisingly most encounters are recorded by the staff  and guests. Over the years many members of staff and guests alike have reported strange sounds and noises bumps in the night if you will, others have reported seeing apparitions, ghosts and poltergeist activity with objects moving unaided in the many rooms that make up the Historic building.

More disturbingly are the reports of  voices emanating from the air and the overwhelming feeling of an unseen presence in the bedrooms and an accompanied chilling sensation of being watched from the shadows by unseen ghosts during the small hours.

Most Haunted & Active Ghost Areas of the Hotel

Reception Area: On the of eve of several Christmases Hotel staff have reported an occurring phenomenon of a floating candle hovering just above the Elizabethan oak mantle piece. Comments from other guests have reported a shadowy ghost like presence by the entrance door and reception desk, and a ghostly outline of a man and his dog crossing the reception area and quickly disappearing into the hotels extensive Library.

The Hotel Library:  Books and paper work mysteriously being pulled from the library shelves, poltergeist activity and related phenomenon and voices of gentlemen chatting have been heard along with the sound of billiard balls knocking together and being potted. The Library also experiences dramatic changes in temperature, often accompanied by the  ghostly presence of a female figure. One member of staff has even reported seeing a Ghost of a man dressed like a priest.

Great Drawing Room: Many female voices are heard  in what can only be described as singing, whilst,  a bare footed Edwardian lady has been seen several times stood in the bay window on the right hand side of the room. Other strange occurrences include poltergeist activity, the doors and curtains opening and closing without course and an apparition of ghostly  young boy.

The Long Gallery: Both staff and guests have reported a strong feelings of being watched, along with an oppressive atmosphere,  individuals have stated that the entire length of the gallery can suddenly drop in temperature. It has also been noted that a ghost of an army officer and an elderly lady can usually seen in the last bay window next to the fireplace.

Main Staircase: Is haunted by the ghost of a young servant girl by the name of Mary, who died after falling down the staircase following an argument with the Squire. It is  believed that the ghost of Mary can also been seen in the Oak Room Restaurant.

Corridor Outside the Long Gallery: The ghost of John Prichard, the architect who designed Ettington Park has been seen strolling the length of the corridor just out side the great gallery. In the Courtyard Suites Corridor a ghost of a previous groundsman of the estate has been whiteness by several member’s of staff and guests.

The Stour Corridor: Is haunted by the ghosts of two young children who lost their lives to drowning in the Stour River around 1800. Its believed the same children have also been seen and heard in other areas of the hotel.

The Stour Corridor is also the regular haunting grounds by the ghosts of the Grey Lady and the ghost of a monk who may well be the priest associated with the Great Library. The ghost of the Grey lady has also been seen in the Tower Suite Corridor.

Conservatory: A ghost of an elderly  lady dressed in Victorian clothes haunts the conservatory, with her comes a very strong presence,  Footsteps can be clearly heard walking back and forth.

The Shirley Chapel: A priest hiding hole was discovered in the south transept chapel, it is assumed that the ghost of a monk who has been frequently reported in the other areas of the hotel is directly related to the ghost reported being seen in the tower and grounds. Further to this, The village of Lower Ettington used to exist adjacent to the house and chapel until around 1798 and where it was demolished and the monks relocated two miles away at Upper Ettington.

There have been many ghostly sightings reported from the site of the former village, including phantoms, spirits and dark shadows. Additional sightings in and around the estate include the ghostly forms of two female figures which haunt the grounds.

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Ghost of Mote Park. Kent

Mote Park is a 180 hectare multi-use public park in Maidstone, Kent. Previously a country estate it was converted to landscaped park land at the end of the 18th century before becoming a municipal park. It includes the former stately home Mote House

Reports by members of the public state that on several occasions a a little girl in a white dress has been witnessed late at night running around and playing within the trees at the park.

With such interest in this story a Mr Elspass, who lives locally to the park took the time to write in and recount his own experience…

“One night, I had gone to visit a friend on the town centre side of the park, when I decided it was getting pretty late, and I should be getting home – it was about 1am. I was tired and decided to walk through the park in order to reach my house on the other side. The park used to be a private estate, owned by an Earl and his family for generations. In the very centre of the park, ontop of a hill, is the old Mote House, a great big Georgian manor house, which became an old peoples home after the park became public, but has long since been derelict and empty.

Walking along the path through the park, I climbed the hill to the house, and then began to descend the other side. As it starts to slope back down, there is a line of trees down one side of the path. As I was walking along this line of trees (which are spaced a fair distance apart), I looked over and – baring in mind it was pitch black – I could ever so slightly make out a pale area of light positioned in front of one of these trees.

Its hard to explain it, it wasn’t really a light in that it lit up the surrounding area, but I could just tell that there was something there that was light enough for it to stand out against the darkness of night.  I shrugged it off, thinking it was probably a plastic bag or something caught in the bushes at the base of the tree, and carried on. However, as it was a strange sight, I did not look away from it whilst walking past. I t was when I reached the other side of the tree, having now walked right past the tree, that I realised this light object couldn’t possibly be attached to the tree, as it had rotated around the trunk of the tree, so that no matter where I stood, this object was always positioned to the right of the tree trunk facing me.

Confused by this, I stopped walking and stood and just looked at it trying to figure out what it was. I don’t think it was my eyesight being bad before, but this object of plain “whiteness” changed as i stood there…whereas before all I saw was a light, paleness, I now could make out the outline of a little girl – no facial features or anything…just the outline of a girl, and something in my head said to me “there is no question, that is a girl standing there looking back at you”.

When I mentioned my experience to other people many I know agreed with me and said that they had seen a little girl in a white dress walking around the park before”

Have yo or anyone you know witnessed the same or something similar in Mote Park, if so we would love to read your story.

Chanctonbury Rings

Dominating the hilltop above the small village of Washington, which nestles gently in the South Downs National Park lies the ancient hill-fort of Chanctonbury Rings.

Commanding a strategic position from both a military and historical perspective, the hill-fort has had over the years many uses, including religious and sacrificial. There have also been numerous reports of Ghosts, Paranormal activity including levitation UFO’s and witchcraft.

The Beech trees found at Chanctonbury were the life long dream of a 20 year old young man named Charles Goring. When he decided to plant the trees on top of the Chanctonbury hill-fort there was a public outcry, for it was believed the trees would spoil the landscape and the majestic view of the beautiful South Downs. Charles Goring died in 1829, reaching the grand age of 85 years old and, fortunately, he witnessed many of his trees reach maturity despite the public opposition.

As the Beech trees grew thought the years their roots disturbed a previously undiscovered ruins of a Romano-British temple buried on the site. An excavation was conducted in the early 1900’s, the results of which showed the site to be that of a temple with a court, which had sunken into the soil.

Further excavations would reveal several finds of coins and other objects of worth dating back to Nero (54-68 AD) and Gratian (375-383 AD).  In addition to the Roman offering Anglo-Saxon coins have been also found, which suggests  the temple was of significant importance and of great spiritual value to both the early Romans and Saxons of Britain.

Ghosts, Witchcraft & the Supernatural

With this full and established history however comes many stories and tales of supernatural events that span the paranormal and supernatural realms. Chanctonbury Rings has become connected with ghosts, witchcraft, UFO’s, and paranormal forces. There have been several investigations in to the rings and one of the most informative came from the Ghost and Psychic Investigation Group.

In 1974 the Ghost and Psychic Investigation Group was formed in order further investigate the claims of supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomenon.

On the 24th August 1974 four members of the Ghost and Psychic Investigation Group, camped down for a night at Chanctonbury Rings, during the latter part of the evening a member of the group who walked through the centre of the Ring was lifted several feet off the ground by an unseen force.

Witnessed by the other members, the gentleman in question was heard crying out ‘No More! No More!’  and was obviously in considerable pain. After several seconds he was dropped to the ground landing injuring his back.

Over the past 50 years and more there have been an large number of UFO sightings reported.  In most cases the sightings of UFO’s are nothing more than unidentified lights in the sky. But one particular reported case stands out from the rest.

On  31st October 1972. At around 10.45 pm,  Mr. Simpson of Worthing, West Sussex was out walking up to the Chanctonbury Rings with two friends. As they approached the rings they saw what they thought were flames from a bonfire flickering among the trees on hill top. As they drew closer however the light faded out and out of the blue a  loud noise was heard by the group above them and, looking up they saw a dull red glow emanating from a large object hanging in the evening sky over the tree tops.

Further information on the above event can be found  at Chanctonbury Rings – Mysterious Britain

The Scole Experiment

At the beginning of 1993 four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. The Scole Experiment is an extraordinary video, recording the results of a five-year investigation into life after death.

The events recorded were so astounding that senior members of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research asked to observe, test and record what took place.

Below is the video giving a unique insight in to the experiment and some of many strange and fascinating results and personal experiences to come out of these experiments in to the after life and the spirit world.

The Scole Experiments – The Afterlife Investigations – Movie Feature

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Borley Rectory. Essex

The strange unexplained phenomenon at Borley rectory during the 1920s and 1930s

The strange unexplained phenomenon at Borley rectory during the 1920s and 1930’s are probably among the most famous in England.

Built for the Reverend H.D.E Bull 1863, Borley was constructed on the site of a Benedictine Monastery. Both the Reverend Bull and his son Harry passed away in Borley’s ‘Blue room’ which was reported to be the most haunted spot in the house. Famously Harry Price leased the Rectory for a year so he could conduct his investigations with a team of researchers.

The results of his detailed and lengthy investigation were published in ‘The Most Haunted House in England’. In 1885, there were sightings of a ghostly nun at the rectory. She was believed to be the ghost of a 13th century Nun from a nearby convent who fell in forbidden love with a monk from the local monastery.

They paid a high price for their affair – the monk was hanged, and the Nun walled up inside the convent. In 1900, two sisters of the then owner Harry Bull, reportedly saw the Nun one day in the gardens. She has also appeared to many local people. A phantom coach and horses has also been seen in the vicinity of the Rectory. Mysterious footsteps, doorbells ringing have also been heard by visitors.

Poltergeist phenomena have also been experienced and recorded at the haunted building. Smashed glasses and stone throwing, mysterious writing on the walls and people being thrown from their beds by an unearthly force have all been reported. In 1939 Borley was destroyed by a fire and the ruin was finally demolished completely in 1944.

70 plus years on and Borley Rectory in Essex is once again hitting the public imagination,  specifically Ashley Thorpe’s who will be realeasing in 2012, his film The true story of ‘Borley Rectory – The Most Haunted House in England’. based upon the incidents and recorded expereinces of the renowed psychic investigator Harry Price.

Borley Rectory Teaser Trailer from Ashley Thorpe on Vimeo.