Hindley Police Station, Lancashire

The former Hindley police station

Was the Hindley Police Station on Castle Hill road haunted by a Victorian Policman?

Although now closed the old Police Station on Castle Hill road, was reported as being haunting by a gentleman dressed in a black cape, it is said that a a visitor asked to leave this police station after spotting a ghostly male figure in walking along a corridor.

A police officer, who was the only other person in the building at the time, who questioned the visitor about the sighting, and confessed to the fact that other police offers and for those staying within the cells had reported feeling ‘uncomfortable’ in the very same area.

Bretby Business Park, Burton on Trent

Arial shot of Bretby Business Park, Stafford

Vanishing car headlights have been reported being seen approaching the exit gate at the Bretby Business Park

Former security guards have reported on several occasions sighting car headlights coming down an exit road from the Bretby Business Park and then vanishing into the night without trace before reaching the exit gate.

Other security guards have reported hearing sounds of running showers and voices coming from one of the empty building on site at the time.

Additional spooky reports include a security guard being approached by a young woman wearing a summer dress, (on a dark cold and rainy night in winter) who said she was lost and wanted directions to Stapenhill. Later CCTV footage show the security guard speaking and gesturing, but there is no image or trace of the woman.

White Horse, Broughton Astley.

The White Horse Pub

Has recent building work at the White Horse Public House in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, disturbed the spirit of a former landlady?

Since having a series of building work carried out on the property both the staff and the guests have reported, these reportings have only come to light since the  old cellar floor was dug up.

The paranormal occurrences have been witnessed and subsequently reported, include radios which turn on when unplugged, objects which are moved from one room to another, items thrown about, doors and rooms when locked the night before are found open the following morning.

There are also reports of black ghostly shadows being spotted in mirrors and the figure of a woman seen when the pub should have been empty.

Phantom Policman, Broughton Astley

This phantom figure of a Victorian policeman was seen standing outside the Bulls Head public house by a man walking home in the early hours of the morning. Continue reading →

The Exorcism of Bampton Manor.

The clergy tried to exorcise this haunting

The ancient manor of Bampton, on the banks of the Thames between Faringdon and Witney. Continue reading →