Gill House Bromfield, Aspatria. Cumbria

Gill house - Photo Provided by Laurie Kemp

During World War II Gill House was used as a dormitory for the Woman’s Land Army, since then its laid claim to being one of the most haunted houses in Cumbria.
Photo Provided by Laurie Kemp

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Haunted Ashdown House, Oxfordshire

Haunting & Manifestation of Ashdown House & Grounds

The Haunting & Manifestations of Ashdown House & Grounds

Ashdown House (also known as Ashdown Park) is a 17th century country house in the  county of Oxfordshire. Until recent boundary changes in 1974 the house was in the county of Berkshire.

Several ghosts have been reputed to haunt the house and the vast grounds that surround the estate. Visitors to the house and the estate have reported hearing and on some occasions glimpsing a phantom crying child in the nearby Ashdown Woods, while other visitors have suggested the stables on the grounds are home to a ghostly groom who hung himself. A grey lady is also said to gaze from a window on the second floor of the house.

Public access is restricted to the stairs and roof, with broad views of Berkshire Downs. There is also public access to the neighbouring Ashdown Woods. Admission is by guided tour daily from April to October.

Kirkstone Pass Inn, Ambleside

At 1500ft The Inn is one of the highest Haunted Inns in England

The Kirkstone Pass Inn  is believed to be linked to an ancient 15th Century monastery

Records for the Kirkstone Pass Inn date back to 1496AD. In the early 1800’s the tall stone building at the North end was built as a coach house, the extra height was needed to take the coaches of the day.

At almost 1,500 ft, the Kirkstone Inn is the third highest pub in England. It offers wonderful views over some of the Lake District. The area is of such natural beauty that was immortalised by the poetry of William Wordsworth.

During its years the inn has had plenty of time to pick up stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Quite a few ghosts and phantoms have been spotted in and around the inn. Some are believed to be the spirits of unlucky travellers who died while making a perilous journey through the difficult mountain terrain during a heavy snowstorm.

Several other ghosts include one ghost is believed to be that of a woman who murdered her own child, a young boy that was killed by a coach outside of the building. And another, that of a 17th century coachman who once lurked around the bar, was even captured in a photograph taken by a visiting family staying at the inn in 1993. It is reported that this particular ghost followed the tourists home and now lives with them as a member of the family!

St. Nicholas Churchyard. Birmingham

Witnessed back in 1977, was a ghostly figure of a woman in the graveyard in Cardworth.

Witnessed back in 1977, was a ghostly figure of a woman in the graveyard in Cardworth.

Described as a tall ghostly figure in a long flowing green gown, she is believed to be the spirit of a woman buried in a mass grave after a battle during the Civil War.

Blickling Hall. Aylsham Norwich

Built in the 17th century, the Hall once belonged to Sir Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn.

Built in the 17th century, the Hall once belonged to Sir Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn.

It is Anne’s ghost that is said to make her presence felt at the Hall upon the anniversary of her execution. Her spectre appears without a head, dressed in white and in a carriage which is drawn by headless horses and driven by a headless coachman. Her bloody, severed head can be seen sitting in her lap. The grim spectical continues on its ghastly journey along the driveway of Blickling Hall to it’s grand entrance, where Anne’s ghost leaves the carriage and glides into the Hall.

Anne’s brother Lord Rochford also appears in spirit form on the same night. His headless ghost is dragged across the ground by headless horses.

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