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Flitwick Manor Hotel. Bedfordshire

Flitwick Manor Hotel is reputable haunted by a ghost of an old housekeeper that roams the rooms above the property.

Flitwick Manor Hotel is haunted by a ghost of an old housekeeper that roams the rooms above the property, the ghostly apparitions appearing when building contractors stumbled upon a unused room in the upper part of the hotel.

In the early 1800’s Flitwick Manor was home the family of a Mr John Thomas Brooks and his wife. The manor stayed within the family name over for hundred years until the family name died out in 1934. During its time Flitwick Manor has had numerous reported accounts of a ghostly woman seen sitting at the foot beds in the hotel rooms and or her ghostly figure seen to be peering out of the windows of the hotel.

Other reports made by guests of the hotel contest to the sounds of ghostly footsteps heard by many, walking freely around the hotel rooms and corridors, more interestingly enough, there have also been reports of lighting and electrical problems which have also been unexplained.

It is of local opinion that the ghostly spirt haunting the hotel is that of the wife of Mr Brooks, It is said Mrs Brooks lost her daughter Mary Ann, tragically early on in her life. Its also said this loss drove the couple apart, leaving Mrs Brooks with a broken heart and a restless spirit in death.

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Peddars Lane. Stanbridge

The Phantom of Peddars Lane Stanbridge.

Driving down Peddars Lane at around 9pm one evening, Roy Fulton spotted a hitchhiker thumbing for a lift. The hitchhiker was about 20, and wearing dark trousers and a jumper.

The man opened the door of the car and got in the vehicle without saying a word. When Fulton asked him where he was going the man didn’t reply, instead he raised his arm and pointed up the road. The car continued down the road and Roy decided to offer his passenger a cigarette, but upon turning the man had vanished. Fulton reported the incident at the local police station, and said that the hitchhiker had seemed very real, and solid, but had a very pale completion.