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Oakley Court. Berkshire

The Court was built in 1859 in the style of a French Chateau

A number of ghostly hooded figures have been seen walking the grounds of Oakley Court

Remarkably little is known about the property despite the fact that it was built over 120 years ago. Oakley Court is situated along a stretch of the river Thames known as Water Oakley. It was first shown on maps around 1800 and the name appears to originate from Cornish Breton in which it appears as “Warhta Eog Lee” — The Upper Salmon Place.

The Court was originally built in 1859 for Sir Richard Hall Say and legend has it that he built it in the style of a French Chateau to comfort his homesick young French wife.

The court has a very  reputation for being ‘evil’, and a number of accidental drownings both in the building and outside of it have occurred over the past thirty years. One such tragic story involves that of a woman named Penelope Gallerneault.

Mrs Penelope Gallerneault, 26, lived in a flat in the Victorian-Gothic country house of Oakley Court,.The family were warned by friends before they moved in that the place was spooky and had previous history of accidents involving death by drowning. In the three years they were there, she and her husband and children suffered many tragedies.

The horror began in the summer of 1972. ‘I started to see people walking in the grounds wearing hoods,’ she says.  In December her two-year-old son, William, died. Mrs Gallerneault was running him a bath when the phone went.

When she returned he was floating in the water. ‘I realize that many people might try to blame me for being careless, but that is just not the case.’ A second tragedy struck the family when her second son Edward, who was just two, was left in his playpen in the grounds. Somehow he got out, toddled down to the river, fell in and drowned.

Mrs Gallerneault said, ‘The house has an aura of evil and I could never go back there.  The Rev. Sebastian Jones, curate of St Michael’s Church, Bray, added: ‘Oakley Court is definitely “spooky” and I would not want to stay there myself. Evil can generate evil, and the grounds would be an ideal place to practise black magic’ The police, called in at every stage, are mystified too.

A senior policeman said: ‘There have been some strange happenings at the house, which have never been explained. We made regular patrols after complaints about witches, and things seem to have quietened down now.

In the 1950s, the place was left derelict for many years. The atmosphere around the building apparently became so oppressive that it caused a number of people to commit suicide in the Thames.