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White Horse, Broughton Astley.

The White Horse Pub

Has recent building work at the White Horse Public House in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, disturbed the spirit of a former landlady?

Since having a series of building work carried out on the property both the staff and the guests have reported, these reportings have only come to light since the  old cellar floor was dug up.

The paranormal occurrences have been witnessed and subsequently reported, include radios which turn on when unplugged, objects which are moved from one room to another, items thrown about, doors and rooms when locked the night before are found open the following morning.

There are also reports of black ghostly shadows being spotted in mirrors and the figure of a woman seen when the pub should have been empty.

Stowheath Manor House. Bilston

Ghostly Woman in White haunts this Old Manor House

A Ghostly woman in white haunts the Old Manor house of Stowheath. Continue reading →

Flitwick Manor Hotel. Bedfordshire

Flitwick Manor Hotel is reputable haunted by a ghost of an old housekeeper that roams the rooms above the property.

Flitwick Manor Hotel is haunted by a ghost of an old housekeeper that roams the rooms above the property, the ghostly apparitions appearing when building contractors stumbled upon a unused room in the upper part of the hotel.

In the early 1800’s Flitwick Manor was home the family of a Mr John Thomas Brooks and his wife. The manor stayed within the family name over for hundred years until the family name died out in 1934. During its time Flitwick Manor has had numerous reported accounts of a ghostly woman seen sitting at the foot beds in the hotel rooms and or her ghostly figure seen to be peering out of the windows of the hotel.

Other reports made by guests of the hotel contest to the sounds of ghostly footsteps heard by many, walking freely around the hotel rooms and corridors, more interestingly enough, there have also been reports of lighting and electrical problems which have also been unexplained.

It is of local opinion that the ghostly spirt haunting the hotel is that of the wife of Mr Brooks, It is said Mrs Brooks lost her daughter Mary Ann, tragically early on in her life. Its also said this loss drove the couple apart, leaving Mrs Brooks with a broken heart and a restless spirit in death.

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Kings Head. Cucfield

‘Geranium Jane’ haunts this pub. She met her end when a pot of Geraniums fell on her head.

‘Geranium Jane’ haunts this pub. She met her end when a pot of Geraniums fell on her head.

At the time she was pregnant by the proprietor and the accident is believed to have been murder. Her ghost appears to members of staff – one employee was shocked to be pushed around the bedroom while still in bed. Jane only appears to men, and often hides things, switches lights on and off etc.

The Bear Inn. Chelmsford

Is haunted by the ghost of Charlie ‘Spider’ Marshall who was ostler there in the last century.

Charlie used to shin up the chimney in the bar, pass through the recess between the chimneys where the bacon would be placed for smoking, then emerge down the chimney in the other bar. One evening Charlie performed this trick for the last time, climbing the chimney but never emerging on the other side. His ghost has been seen , by various landlords and poltergeist behaviour has also been experienced at the pub.